Gluten-free Near Me License


This license removes ads from our Gluten-free Near Me app. Please support future development of this app and get rid of those pesky ads by purchasing this license.PLEASE NOTE: You must already [...]

Glutton – Ice Cream


Tilt your phone to catch ice cream as much as possible. Catch the same color ice cream for bonus, and colorful scoop matches any color, while star one stands for extra life. But be careful, avoid [...]

Gluten-free Scanner


Curious if your favorite snack is gluten-free? Use your camera to scan the upc and find out. Don’t have an item in hand? Type some keywords to find your favorite products. Search through [...]

Gluten-Free Recipes


"Gluten-Free" means that the recipe does not contain cereal grains such as wheat, rye and barley.A gluten-free diet is recommended for the treatment of celiac disease and wheat [...]

Coeliac Map (Gluten Free)


A map of Coeliac (gluten free) food reviews and ratings mainly the UK, but also for other places around the world.If you can’t eat wheat or gluten and you’re out and about and need to [...]

Find Me Gluten Free


Find Me Gluten Free helps you easily eat gluten-free. Whether you’re celiac, gluten-sensitive, or just on a gluten-free diet, easily find restaurants, fast food, bars, cafes, grocery stores [...]

Glucose Meter


Glucose meter is an android app to manage your diabetes, tracking your glucose level with a bluetooth glucose meter or manual way.All data collected can be share with your doctor via Google [...]

Gluten-free Scanner License


This license removes ads from our Gluten-free Scanner app. Please support future development of this app and get rid of those pesky ads by purchasing this license.PLEASE NOTE: You must already [...]

Glucose Tracker


Track your blood glucose readings. Features include charts, statistics, and export to csv, xml file. Results can also be emailed. Standard units of measure are supported. English and Spanish supported.



Over 4 Million fans love GetGlue: Your app for TV, movies & sports.Discover what to watch on TV, on Streaming & in Theaters with your personalized guide. Interact with friends and fans [...]

Gluten Free Ingredients


For those with gluten sensitivity, intolerance or celiac disease, the grocery store can seem like a mine field. Gluten Free Ingredients provides a searchable list of safe/unsafe ingredients. So [...]

經絡對應表 JingLuo Table


The meridian is a concept central to traditional Chinese medical techniques. There are channels along which the energy or qi of the psychophysical system is considered to flow.Warning: This App [...]

ETX Trader Pro on Android

Trading is a full time occupation for many, and sometimes traders can find themselves glued to a computer for hours, which can be uninspiring. The ETX Trader Pro app can be used on both Android [...]

Com2uS releases Brave Heroes for Android

By In

You can usually count on Com2uS to release a couple of colorful Android Games each month, and we got a new one last week with Brave Heroes. Brave Heroes is a side-scrolling Castle Defense game [...]

Sky HD wallpapers


Sky HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality images of the sky.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android device [...]



Diabetesdagboka er et selvhjelpsverktøy for deg som har diabetes, utviklet av Nasjonalt senter for samhandling og telemedisin (NST) i Tromsø. Denne appen gir deg mulighet til [...]

Football Shirts


Are you a lover of football? Do you like football? Are you passionate Fifa and Pro Evolution? Are you one of those who spends the weekend glued to the television watching games? Did you know all [...]

Recettes pour diabétiques


Des recettes de cuisine et des conseils pour une meilleure alimentation quand on a le diabète.Les personnes souffrant de Diabète ont besoin d’avoir une alimentation équilibrée où la part de [...]

Habitat Live Wallpaper Free


Get the best Habitat wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!Habitat Skateboards was founded by Joe [...]

FonoSpeak – Aquisição


Esta App contém Vídeos para o trabalho de Aquisição dos Fonemas, que demonstram o ponto articulatório correto, podendo ser utilizado inclusive com Deficientes Auditivos. O clínico tem controle [...]

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