Pick Me Up If You Can Android App Review


Pick Me Up If You Can is one of the coolest Android Apps out there, courtesy of dma(the app developer) and this baby is trying to respond in a coherent manner to the eternal questions that drives [...]

Baidu Browser for Android


One of the best things Android offers to its fan-base is the multitude of choices when it comes to…basically anything. The same theory applies for web browsers. Enter the Baidu Browser from [...]

Shadow Fight 2 For Android


Buckle your seat belts because here it comes Nekki’s Shadow Fight 2 for Android, the sequel with a vengeance!  If you’re a droid-head and you enjoy chewing bubble gum and kicking ass, [...]

Mobizen, The Android App Everybody Loves


For us, Android lovers, Mobizen is a dream come true. What is Mobizen all about, you may ask? Well, this is probably the best idea ever for controlling your Android devices by remote if [...]

Solo Launcher for Android

Solo Launcher is a highly configurable home launcher for Android smartphones and it features a new design for its user interface, built especially to accommodate the new KitKat Holo Light UI. [...]

Retro Cube for Android

The Retro Cube from JK Studio is an old school arcade game for Android that looks like something your father played in the 80's, when neon lights design was all the rage.

The Bird Inferno for Android

Here comes another action game for the Android users: the Bird Inferno, from Nanona Games. If you're from this planet and you have access to the Internet, you must have heard about the last [...]

The Cleaner App For Android

I bet you're familiarized with those "maintenance" applications, like the CC Cleaner or Windows Mechanic or whatever. They come pretty handy when it comes to keeping your computer in check and [...]

The Latest Android Apps One Should Download


2013 was great. Android apps ruled the market with some truly outstanding apps. 2014 is already underway and the users worldwide are waiting for some great innovative, educative and fun apps. The [...]

Chrome Reader App for Android

If you're a Chrome user and an Android lover in the same time (these two things are going together almost by default), today I have some great news for you, because the Chrome Reader App for [...]

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