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app Kanji Yomi logo

Kanji Yomi


CAUTION!!!Some models may be causing the problems. I tested only with HT-03A. Sorry.A printed Japanese Kanji or a compound is scanned with the camera, and able to consult the Kanji-English dictionary(...

app Kanji with Picture Free logo

Kanji with Picture Free


Kanji with Picture is an application to be able to study the Kanji.Kanji with Pictures.Kanji with Pronunciation sounds.If you want more,please purchase Kanji with Picture Pro.v0.8.8 -Bug fix.v0.6.8 -S...

app Kanji Tutor logo

Kanji Tutor


v2.2: Custom study setsFun way to learn the nearly 2000 "j?y?" and "ky?iku" kanji.Quiz yourself flashcard style either by symbol or English language translation. Nice graphs to tra...

app i-KANJI-NANKURO logo



This application is Japanease Language Only!!Only if your Android Handset Terminal can use Japanease Language and You know KANJI idioms , you will have a fun!...

app Talkroid(ゆっくり文章読上アプリ) logo



いわゆる「ゆっくり」声で入力した文章を読み上げるアプリです。ゆっくりしていってね!!!主な機能 ・入力した文章の読み上げ ・文章のプ...

app AV成人字典體驗版 logo





Slice up Demons while learning Japanese in Fude Samurai for Android

There are a lot of learning games on Google Play, but Fude Samurai is the first one we’ve seen that can teach you Japanese. While it won’t have you speaking Japanese in a few days or weeks, you can learn to write Kanji’s which are used in the modern Japanese writing system. Fude Samurai is a running game that puts you to work taking down s...

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app App Kamus logo

App Kamus


"App Kamus Japanese-Indonesia-Dictionary" is a dictionary to translate Japanese to Indonesian or Indonesian to Japanese. Can run on Andoroid, has a simple user interface, easy to use and req...

app Mechanical Eng. Dict (J-E) logo

Mechanical Eng. Dict (J-E)


Please note: This app only contains translation equivalents for each term and does not provide a technical description of each term.Do you know how to say "multivariable adaptive control" in...

app Medical Dictionary (J-E) logo

Medical Dictionary (J-E)


Please note: This app only contains translation equivalents for each term and does not provide a technical description of each term.Do you know how to say "type V acrocephalosyndactyly" in J...

app Text Full Screen logo

Text Full Screen


Show the full screen text on Android device. For example, You can use difficult Chinese character, Kanji and many other language for BIG size.How to use:Touch on your screen, and edit the text.Free ap...

app JAPANESE 2 (JLPT N4) logo



"JAPANESE 2" is a perfect application for elementary to intermediate Japanese learners. You can learn basic Kanji, vocabulary, and grammar (JLPT N4 Level) by answering questions.The words an...

app Range logo



RANGE is an experimental new way to study language through "platformer" style gameplay. Simply tilt your device to guide the rabbit and collect carrots on each level. While you do this, you'...

app Burp Burp Burp logo

Burp Burp Burp


Your secret to win the burp-contest.. or to irritate your mother, girlfriend, grandma.. :) Contains lots of annoying burping sounds.(This app does not contain any girls, porn or sex material)I'm open ...

app Qing Yi Se logo

Qing Yi Se


Have you ever played Mahjong?If you have, you can play this game. This game is to answer "hule pai" of "qing yi se" hand of Mahjong.If you haven't, you may be a bit embarrassed. Bu...

app OreSettings logo



OreSettings is a settings changing app.Some functions do not have an English label, so you need to know Japanese kanji.When the locale of your device is Chinese, Chinese hanzi is used."ore" ...

app Chemical Terms Dict. (J-E) logo

Chemical Terms Dict. (J-E)


Please note: This app only contains translation equivalents for each term and does not provide a technical description of each term.Do you know how to say "granulopoiesis" in Japanese? With ...

app Q2 keyboard logo

Q2 keyboard


Features- A variety of language and input method supportEnglishLatinGermanSpanishFrenchJapaneseRussianUkrainianKorean- Hangul-Hanja conversion functionOf 4800 W Commercial Kanji conversion.-5 Ten keyb...

app Japanese MenuCards logo

Japanese MenuCards


MenuCards is a language study flashcards app that helps students learn to read food menus. This set contains 94 real Japanese restaurant dishes and the over 100 hiragana, katakana or kanji words neede...

app Learn Experiment logo

Learn Experiment


Notice: This is a beta version. It may contains bugs and your advances may be lost in future revisions.This is an application for learning that let you download exercises from the web (just a few kanj...

app Sankanou Shougaku 3 Nensei logo

Sankanou Shougaku 3 Nensei


This is a Kanji training application for Japanese in the third year of elementary school....

app Sankanou Shougaku 2 Nensei logo

Sankanou Shougaku 2 Nensei


This is a Kanji training application for Japanese in the second year of elementary school....

app Amazing Tattoo Gallery logo

Amazing Tattoo Gallery


Amazing free Tattoo gallery.Looking for tattoo design ideas? Want to learn how to tattoo? Browse hundreds of beautiful tattoo images.Gallery Categories: Abstract Tattoo , Alien Tattoo...

app Eng-Jp flashcards Pro logo

Eng-Jp flashcards Pro


Eng-Jp flashcards Pro is a flashcard app for study Japanese and English words which contains Kanji, Hiragana and Roman character.There are 3000 words from 7 categories and 52 fundamental words or phra...

app Japanese Dictionary logo

Japanese Dictionary


<div id="doc-original-text" >A comprehensive Japanese<->English dictionary<p>* Searchable in English and Japanese (Roman, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji)<br>* 22,000 ...

app 인테리어 · DIY · 리폼 logo

인테리어 · DIY · 리...


< 어플 소개 >* 인테리어 · DIY · 리폼 어플이 버젼업 되었습니다.* 인테리어 시공사진,설명을 메일(로 보내주시면 대신 등록 해 드립니...

app Kanakana logo



Kanakana converts Japanese Kanji text to Japanese Hiragana text and copy the converted text into clipboard.And Kanakana can be used as Mashroom of Simeji. Please invoke Kanakana from Simeji or another...

app Katakana Scholar logo

Katakana Scholar


Now you can learn Katakana in a fun and interactive environment. Katakana Scholar is aimed at beginner to intermediate students, so is presented in an engaging and easy to digest format.The first 46 K...

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