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app AllerGIRIAMO logo



AllerGIRIAMO consente l'accesso ai seguenti servizi:- La ruota delle allergie- Il calendario dei pollini- Le nostre schede pratiche- Vaccini antiallergici - FAQLa ruota delle allergie è la part...

app Drinking Water Secrets logo

Drinking Water Secrets


Drinking Water Secrets - The Official Drinking Water App is an alternative information-packed h20 app for everything you didn't know about drinking water and amazing water facts alike.Put together by ...

app NCAA Football Weekly Matchups logo

NCAA Football Weekly Matchu...


Football Enthusiast,Need help picking the winners of each weeks college football games in your football pool? This application will retrieve the latest NCAA college football information such a the we...

app NFL TNF Xtra logo



Watch Thursday Night Football on NFL Network while you play along with the ultimate Thursday Night Football companion experience.Thursday Night Football Xtra Features Include:- Live & exclusive si...

app FlipACoin (Two Face) logo

FlipACoin (Two Face)


Two Face coin toss using 2 heads. Now are you going to be a good Harvey or a Bad Harvey. Inspired from The Dark Knight.. So flip a coin and see what comes up. Harvey Dent was seemingly destined for gr...

app chat sms emoticon suoni logo

chat sms emoticon suoni


Il nuovo modo che rivoluzionerà il mondo degli sms.Sei innamorata/o invii molti sms e vorresti farlo in maniera veloce, romantica, originale? con chat sms puoi:dettare gli sms a voce oppure scriverl...

app GO SMS Pro Hebrew language logo

GO SMS Pro Hebrew language


This pack is for GO SMS Pro Hebrew language support.Install it and change the language in GO SMS Pro’s “Settings –Basic Settings—Language selection”The translation will be updated soon, plea...

app LoLSkins logo



----------------------------------------------------------I have published this on my company account (Achievables UK) so I will be updating that version from now on, I have made the app size smaller...

app Brigády do kapsy logo

Brigády do kapsy


"Brigády do kapsy" je mobilní služba provozovaná, která Vám nabízí nejnovější brigády ve Vašem mobilním telefonu.Před prvním použitím aplikace se ujistěte, že jst...

app Stellarium Mobile Sky Map logo

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map


Stellarium Mobile is a fully-featured planetarium for your phone. It shows a realistic night sky map in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.The sensor control will...


Gus Fring yourself with the Breaking Bad: G.F.Y. Android App

Breaking Bad is a phenomenal show and a show that definitely deserves a few Android Apps. The Breaking Bad: G.F.Y. is a an app worthy of the show, and in case you don’t know what G.F.Y. stands for it means Go Fring Yourself… I’ll start this one out by saying if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, especially season STOP READING unless you want...

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Weird App of the Week – Chlory: The Ocean Guard for Android

Overview I’ve come across my share of crazy Android games over the past few years, and Chlory: The Ocean Guard from PAPAYA apps is definitely going onto the crazy list. At first glance the game seems normal enough, but once you dig into it you quickly find out how quirky this little game is. Chlory is a single cell Chlorella who’s an “o...

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app Sentry logo



Tired of accidentally leaving your WiFi running all day and wearing down your device's battery? Tired of being home for hours and forgetting to turn on your WiFi? Sentry can help! Sentry is a fully au...


YoYo Games Unleashes GameMaker Studio to the Masses

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for awhile now, and it’s finally here as YoYo Games has finally released GameMaker Studio to the masses. What’s GameMaker Studio and what does it have to do with Android? If you’re ever dreamed of making your own mobile game (who hasn’t) GameMaker Studio can give you the tools to do just that. ...

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app Cassandra Stand – Sony Tablets logo

Cassandra Stand – Son...


"In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy." Cassandra Stand is an elegant, cross-plat...

app Helios logo



Welcome to Helios ( / hiːli.os /; Greek: Ἥλιος "Sun", Latinized as Helius) scientific project! Helios is a scientific application designed to unite Solar Amateur Observers around the ...

app 오픈폴 logo



"여러분의 생각이 궁금합니다!" 국내 최초 스마트폰 기반 여론조사서비스 Openpoll 입니다. 아이폰을 통해서 쉽고 빠르게 진행되는 여론조사 서비...

app MobileQs Trivia logo

MobileQs Trivia


The #1 trivia game for BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 now comes to Android!MobileQs has over 16,000 trivia questions across 38 categories!Visit for more information, mobile apps, custom a...

app Telerivet logo



Telerivet makes it easy for businesses and organizations anywhere in the world to create SMS services that communicate with customers, employees, and other mobile phone users. With Telerivet, anyone c...

app Factorize Any Number logo

Factorize Any Number


Fast and simple factorization of any number. Using Pollard's rho algorithm....

app TV TODAY PLAY logo



Mit der App wird Ihre TV TODAY interaktiv. Zusammen mit dem Heft können Sie mit der App Videos gucken, an Umfragen teilnehmen oder sich an ausgewählte TV-Sendungen erinnern lassen!So einfach geht’...

app 2012 Presidential Elections logo

2012 Presidential Elections


With 2012 Presidential Elections App for Apple devices, you can stay up to date and involved no matter where you are. You'll have instant access to up to the minute information on important news and v...

app Vitascope Hall logo

Vitascope Hall


The Vitascope Hall app enhances your experience of Vitascope Hall, a sports and media bar at Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Using the myTouchTunes® API, the app allows you to be the DJ by selecting yo...

app Number Games for Kids logo

Number Games for Kids


It is not easy to teach kids the number concept for the first time. Remembering the shape and pronunciation, like learning the names for things, is different from learning the number concept because ...

app Sussex Air logo

Sussex Air


Know your air. This App displays the latest air pollution levels from the Sussex Air Quality Monitoring Network. Maps, My Sites and Push Notifications keep you up to date with Sussex's air quality whe...

app Eco Fishing – Pesca ecológica logo

Eco Fishing – Pesca e...


Help to save the fishes in the lagoon. The water is so polluted that they are jumping out to find fresh air.Your mission is to catch the fishes with your net before they die, and take them to another ...

app Eco Fishing – Pesca ecológica logo

Eco Fishing – Pesca e...


Help to save the fishes in the lagoon. The water is so polluted that they are jumping out to find fresh air.Your mission is to catch the fishes with your net before they die, and take them to another ...

app App House logo

App House


TELUS App House lets you easily download great apps that improve your overall TELUS experience from a central source on your device. App House is not a substitute for the Google Play Store. App House ...

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