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app Sheepo maze logo

Sheepo maze


This is a fun little game that requires a fast finger and exquisite timing. In Sheepo Maze you must guide your sheep to her tasty bush by tapping the screen in the direction you want her to go. The ma...

app Count The Sheep logo

Count The Sheep


We do it for all kinds of reasons, not least to help us get on with our siesta. Now you can do this useful exercise with your phone. For better visualization, better therpeutic effect!...

app Sheep Launcher Freee! logo

Sheep Launcher Freee!


Sheep Launcher, one of the most addictive #1 game on iTunes is finally available on Android!Push the big red button to launch the sheep. Keep tapping him as fast as you can while he...

app SimSheep logo



The first real-time sheep simulator for your mobile device. Depicting a stunningly accurate computer generated model of a sheep. Featuring true to life actions and realistic sound effects. Countles...

app Sheep Sheep Wolf logo

Sheep Sheep Wolf


Requirements for Game:- High End Android Device for Flash Content- Latest Flash Player from Adobe- GGDroid Flash Game EngineAuthor:- Carly Gloge ( Warb Web)- Game Ported From Original Flash Game- Plea...

app Sheepshead Scorer logo

Sheepshead Scorer


Tired of the time consuming task of keeping score or making scoring mistakes while playing Sheepshead. Well this Sheepshead Scorer app can now make scoring your Sheepshead card games a lot easier. Up...

app GoodNight (Sheep Count) logo

GoodNight (Sheep Count)


When you want to sleep, but you can't sleep?Look this app and counting the sheep!Even developer also making sleep in app test.GoodNight~!...

app SecretSheep Lite – hide ID logo

SecretSheep Lite – hi...


Use SecretSheep Lite to simply select "hide your ID" or "show your ID" with a home-screen widget.Use it further as a 1-WEEK-TRIAL for SecretSheep.If you have a problem with SecretS...

app SecretSheep – hide caller ID logo

SecretSheep – hide ca...


Use SecretSheep to selectively block your caller ID. Simply select some groups and contacts that are not allowed to get your phone number.If you want a free trial, download SecretSheep LiteIf you are ...

app Sleepy Sheepy by logo

Sleepy Sheepy by


We launched a new service for Sleepy Sheepy . Now you can not just folow sheep and watch how many people are counted in the whole world. The more people who sign up in the mobile application, the more...

app Sheepdog Master Free logo

Sheepdog Master Free


Description:You must help the farmer by guiding the sheepdog, herd and protect your flock from relentless predators.Become the Sheepdog Master!Please leave us comments with your device name if you exp...

app SheepRescue logo



Catch animals with a lasso and make a top score! SheepRescue is a fun and addicting game for everyone regardless of age. Move your finger across the screen and draw a lasso to catch the animals - but ...

app Sheeping Around logo

Sheeping Around


Help the sheeps to scape and proof your skill with acelerometer, but carefull because our wolf has other plans...

app Sheep and Wolf Game logo

Sheep and Wolf Game


Save sheep from wolves~!Throw a boomerang to wolves, and throw a heart to sheep.Touch down in the boomerang or heart, then moved up as many as a wolves or sheep you can. More hits, more score. Now, ju...

app The Sheep Rebel! logo

The Sheep Rebel!


The Old Indian classic game is now on the Android Platform. The point of the game is to surround the tiger such that he cannot move. The computer controls the tiger and you control the sheep.This I...

app Shetland Sheepdog logo

Shetland Sheepdog


Shetland Sheepdog news and information.The Shetland sheepdog, often known as the Sheltie and sometimes as the Shetland collie, is a breed of dog in the herding dog group.Shelties have the herding dog ...

app Angel Sheep vs Wolves Lite logo

Angel Sheep vs Wolves Lite


The sheep have escaped and the wolves are circling. Can you get the sheep back? Warning a highly addictive physics based game. Release the sheep and guide them safely through each stunning level to th...

app The Sheep Rebel! Lite logo

The Sheep Rebel! Lite


Goal of this game is to make the tiger immovable by surrounding it with the sheep. Two players are required, one for handling the sheep and the opponent for handling the tiger.This is an old Indian ga...

app Sheep and Wolf~!! logo

Sheep and Wolf~!!


Save sheep from wolves~!!Throw a boomerang in the bottom left to wolves, and thow a heart in the right bottom to sheep.If you throw exactly, your score goes up. And if you hit many wolves or sheep onl...

app Sheep Baaa Ringtone logo

Sheep Baaa Ringtone


Sheep Baaa for your ringtone! Quality Ringtones brings you the ringtones you want for an extremely affordable price. Give yourself a great new phone ringtone, alarm tone, or notification tone! If you ...

app Sheepdog Master BETA logo

Sheepdog Master BETA


You must help the farmer by guiding the sheepdog, herd and protect your flock from relentless predators.Become the Sheepdog Master!Please leave us comments with your device name if you experience diff...

app Sheep Button Free logo

Sheep Button Free


Make your phone sound like a sheep at the press of a button! You can also add this sound as a ringtone. For free!...

app Sheep Ringtone Free logo

Sheep Ringtone Free


Make your phone sound like a sheep when someone calls! You can also set this sound as an alarm or notification alert. For free!...

app Counting Sheep logo

Counting Sheep


If you cannot sleep easily, use this app to help you.With good sounds and images, It's better for your sleeping.Keywords: sheep, sleep, counting, angrybirds, tomcat, unblock,healthy, entertainment....

app Sheep-O-Rama logo



Sheep-O-Rama is an addictive puzzle game with funny sheep animations and sheep sounds. The aim of the game is to clear the board in given time, level per level. Two or more sheep of the same colour, p...

app 양과 늑대(Sheep and Wolf)~! logo

양과 늑대(Sheep and Wol...


늑대로부터 양을 구하세요~!늑대는 부메랑을 던져 내쫒고, 양은 하트를 던져 구해내는 게임입니다. 부메랑이나 하트를 한번 던져서 많이 맞출 경우 점...

app Sheep Launcher Plus! logo

Sheep Launcher Plus!


One of the most addictive game - Sheep Launcher Plus! is finally available on Android! Push the big red button to launch a sheep or his friends. Keep tapping him as fast as you can to boost him higher...

app SheepMania Puzzle Islands FREE logo

SheepMania Puzzle Islands F...


The sheep have had their cruise interrupted as their ship hit ground, and everyone had to take to the boats. Scattered across the ocean, each sheep managed to swim to his own deserted island. Now it...

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