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Liquid-cooled smartphones from Samsung, HTC, and Apple coming later this year

Liquid cooling We told you about the world’s first liquid-cooled handset about a month ago when NEC introduced the Medias X-06E phone for NTT DoCoMo over in Japan. It basically uses a smartphone-centric heat pipe design that relies on cooling technology yet untapped even on today’s high-end models. How would you like to have this same cooling tech in...

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Facebook to unveil a new product on June 20, could be an RSS reader

Facebook hosting 'biggest developer party yet' at Google I/OThe largest social media network on the planet is preparing for a rather mysterious event where an unknown new product will be launched. The Facebook invitation comes in the form of a simple, small letter, saying that a small team has been working on a big idea, which should be unveiled on June 20 at Menlo Park California.Coming shortly after the c...

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iOS 7 unveiled, includes new UI and features – all you need to know

iOS 7 Design  Apple unveiled a variety of new products during its WWDC 2013 keynote, including iOS 7, the next-gen operating system for its mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.In what follows, we’re going to show you all you need to know about what’s new in iOS 7 – after all, when the main Android rivals get updated, we simply have...

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SK Hynix announces 8Gb LPDDR3, world’s first, 4GB RAM phones later this year?

SK Hynix RAM memory chipImage Source: Tech Asia RAM is a key piece of mobile hardware which is all too often overlooked when we talk about smartphone specifications, but it’s ever so important for our increasingly sophisticated mobile applications. We already know that Samsung is working on its own four gigabit (Gb) LPDDR3 mobile memory chips, which should offer a 30% ...

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Foursquare develops new Android tablet UI ahead of iOS

Foursquare tablet UI updateThere are times when Android gets the drop on iOS. It’s still pretty sparse, but it happens. Developers are increasingly aware of Android as a primary platform to develop for, and are doing so more often.Though it happens, the tablet sector is still tough for Android. It hasn’t been very long that Android has been serious about tablets, only in...

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AMD wants to get into Android and Chrome. Literally.

AMDAt a Computex conference, Senior Vice President of AMD Lisa Su said “We are very committed to Windows 8; we think it’s a great operating system, but we also see a market for Android and Chrome developing as well”. This could bode well for mobile tech fans, as AMD processors can pack a punch.Fortunately, this is not AMD’s first foray int...

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Intel reveals Merrifield, a next generation mobile processor design

Intel unveils Merrifield reference design for smartphonesMove over, ARM, Intel’s finally hitting its stride in mobile. At least, that’s the impression the chip maker gave when it formally unveiled its fourth-generation CPU product family. Emphasizing the comapny’s growing presence in portable devices like smartphones and tablets – Lenovo’s K900 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 are such example...

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Intel announces plans to pair Bay Trail SoCs with new XMM 7160 LTE chip

Intel-LogoToResizeIntel may not be one of the biggest players in the mobile world, but they are working hard to change this. Recently we reported on Intel’s acquisition of a GPS chip division that could play into their future mobile plans, but their mobile ambitions certainly don’t end there. Earlier today at Computex 2013, Intel officially revealed its ...

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Future Intel Pentium and Celeron chips coming to Android

intel.1Intel was initially absent from the market boom that was smartphones and tablets. The company has long been playing catch-up to ARM in terms of mobile market share, and its Atom line-up of processors simply hasn’t cut it, compared with the more energy efficient designs of its competitors.However, more recently Intel has been making some waves...

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Bloomberg: HTC plans a 7-inch Android tablet, due in September-October

HTC 7 inch android tabletAn HTC 7-inch Android tablet is in the works, says Bloomberg, quoting people familiar with the matter.According to the same  report, HTC decided to scrap the plans for a 12-inch tablet running Windows RT, due to concerns related to demand for the device.HTC, which hasn’t been doing great lately (although there are signs of a comeback for the...

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DARPA develops Android-based sensor for future use in UAVs and more

DARPA ADAPT sensor DARPA, the U.S. Department of Defense’s famous research agency, put out a call for developers a few years back for help on a new mobile-oriented project that it started called the ADAPT program. ADAPT — which stands for Adaptable Sensor System — was said to be a way of seeking “novel techniques and processes to rapidly deve...

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app UNO logo



????? UNO & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!UNO, the world's most beloved card game, introduces a brand-new free social experience!Playing UNO with friends, family, and the millions of fans worldwide h...


Google introduces natural language search and machine recognition for photos

You know what photos we're searching for, right? (Image credit: Photographer / Shutterstock) You know what photos we’re searching for, right? (Image credit: Photographer / Shutterstock)Search is increasingly becoming human. While users from my generation have been used to search operators like “and”, “or” and the plus and minus signs, search queries are becoming more and more natural language like. Take for i...

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Can Knockdown 3 Crashes onto Google Play

can knockdown 3First-person shooters are a blast, and everyone loves to fling animals around the screen these days. Sometimes it’s nice to go casual though, and Can Knockdown 3 from Infinite Dreams is a great way to do just that. Can Knockdown 3 is the third game in the Can Knockdown trilogy, and it’s easily the best looking game of the bunch. If you’re un...

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Scribblenauts Remix Review: Making Nouns and Adjectives Fun

Scribblenauts Remix Review: Making Nouns and Adjectives Fun If you’re an avid Android gamer, you know things tend to move slowly as far as new Android Games are concerned. Such is the case with Scribblenauts Remix from 5th Cell and Iron Galaxy Studios, as the game was released on iOS in 2011 before popping up on the Amazon Appstore a few weeks back. It’s still not available on Google Play, but after spe...

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app PicSounds Teletubbies logo

PicSounds Teletubbies


This sound app is BETTER than the other Teletubbies soundboards!Top sounds from Teletubbies.Sound Effects:-custard / tustard-custard / tustard machine-sun-toast-windmillTeletubbies:-big hug!-again aga...

app Wall Decorations logo

Wall Decorations


Wall Decorations gives you the ideas for decorating and designing your home walls. Wall Decorations shows you the galleries of beautiful wall decoration ideas, designs, painting for your home, room or...


HTC One gets a mic Check

htcmic It appears that an error was made at some point in the production logistics of the HTC One. The Taiwan based manufacturer apparently made a mistake in good faith by including a specific microphone into the build of the HTC One. Last month a Netherlands court had ruled that ST Microelectronics had started selling their new dual membrane microphone...

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app CAD Design Center logo

CAD Design Center


Esta aplicación presenta las últimas tendencias en mobiliario e interiorismo en México, donde el usuario podrá apreciar (e inspirarse) en los nuevos diseños de las mayores marcas internacionales ...

app Spring nature HD wallpapers logo

Spring nature HD wallpapers


Spring nature HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality, hand-confiscation of images spring nature.More than 60 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication makes it...

app 阿水獅豬腳台北忠孝店(Pork Knuckle) logo



內容說明:擁有40年歷史的台中阿水獅豬腳大王,在台北忠孝東路開分店囉(A Shui Shih Pork Knuckle ,Taipei Chunshiao Branch)。傳統道地美食,知名媒體報導,膠質...

app Rings Wallpapers logo

Rings Wallpapers


Rings Wallpapers is for you to use which has a good collection of Ring Designs.Rings Gallery application shows beautiful ring ideas, designs and decorations to you. Rings Wallpapers app contains vario...


Crush Monsters to save Munchers in Monster Smasher from Playscape

monster smasherMonster Smasher is a new Android game from Playscape that’s about the eternal struggle between creatures called the Munchers & Gombies. It’s not a game about battling for land or gold though, instead you’re squabbling over food as the Munchers & Gombies both love to eat. Munchers are cute little creatures that love to gorge themselve...

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app Scrapbooking Blogs logo

Scrapbooking Blogs


The ultimate Scrapbooking Blogs fanatics App! This is the only app you need when it comes to Scrapbooking Blogs. Do you want to get the latest updates, news, information, videos, photos, events and am...

app 4 Pics 1 Country logo

4 Pics 1 Country


PHOTO 4 1 WORD: COUNTRY (4 pics 1 word)!Do you like traveling? - 4 pictures 1 word: Countries - for you!She loves to discover new countries and continents? - 4 pictures 1 word: COUNTRY - for you!And c...

app 4 Фото 1 Страна – НА РУССКОМ logo

4 Фото 1 Страна &...


4 ФОТО 1 СЛОВО: СТРАНЫ (4 pics 1 word) - НОВИНКА НА РУССКОМ! Любите ли Вы путешествовать? - 4 фото 1 слово: Страны - для Ва...

app Chistes Rapidos logo

Chistes Rapidos


Los mejores chistes cortos machistas, feministas, de pepito y jaimito, verdes y colorados, humor negro..Chistes de Borrachos, Chistes Machistas, Chistes Feministas, Chistes de GallegosEl mejor humor d...

app Lotus Live Wallpaper logo

Lotus Live Wallpaper


Download Lotus Live Wallpaper and customize your desktop with lovely pink and white plants! Whenever you tap on the screen, new “beautiful flowers” appear! Make you own cute garden with this cool ...

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