Recommended smartphone game


Game targeting the smartphone application is recommended.Correctly during the numerous smart phone Games Apps first class when you want to try againGet the game gongryakjip downPopular games of [...]

Die Stamme DE Launcher


This app is a Tribal Wars launcher for German players with TWstats and more.This app is a Die Stämme / Die Stamme / Die Staemme (Tribal Wars) launcher for german players, with this do you [...]

Reino Protista


Este é um jogo referente ao material de 7º ano, volume 1 de Ciências do J. Piaget – Sistema de Ensino Multimídia. Atenção soldado! Sentido! O Reino [...]

Instagram Dollar


Instagram DollarWith the integration and growing importance of social signals to Google algorithm, more and more are encouraged to use social media platforms to skyrocket their advertising [...]

Galaxy Empire


Galaxy Empire, the epic game of space conquest, has arrived on Android!Enjoy Galaxy Empire as it was meant to be played: exciting conquest-based strategy with absolutely zero ads. This is online [...]

Inception Tic Tac Toe FREE


Tic Tac Toe … taken to the next level.Welcome to the most innovative variation of Tic Tac Toe on Google Play.A Tic Tac Toe within a Tic Tac Toe, how more awesome can anything get?FEATURES:- [...]

Frozen Synapse


Frozen Synapse (Final Beta Version – Early Access)PLEASE NOTE: Frozen Synapse Android is currently a late beta. It is a final version apart from:- Frame-rate issues on some devices- Minor [...]

Doomsday Preppers™


Based on the popular National Geographic Channel TV show by the same name, Doomsday Preppers challenges you to prepare for a new (and even more fabulous) life below the ground. Design a [...]



WARNING: This game is hard.The creator of Slydris, 2012 iOS Game of the Year*, is back with another elegant and intense puzzle game designed specifically for touch screens. CRUSH sounds simple: [...]

Brave Heroes


How brave are you?Brave enough to endure endless combat? To devise new tactics and overcome powerful foes? With an army of Brave Heroes to mix and match, only you can create the winning [...]

Here is the new HTC One Mini

By In

After the HTC One hit the markets and it was a huge success with impressive sales figures, we were all expecting  the new HTC One Mini, which was rumored countless times but until now, it was all [...]

Mint Master


Play this addictive strategy management game spanning over 500 years and based on real historic people, places and events. Juggle multiple different factors to make enough money to keep the [...]

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