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app 雙北公車 logo



針對台北市與新北市公車按自訂群組加入要查詢的公車路線與站別,即可同時查詢多路線公車即將到站資訊, 將上班或下班能搭的公車排在同一個群組,即...

app Dark Force logo

Dark Force


Dark ForceAn ancient evil force has awaken and will bring chaos to our world. As a US Air Force Sergeant boarding a B-29 bomber, the crew is totally unaware of the incoming danger. As the sole survivo...

app The Walking Dead, Vol. 11 logo

The Walking Dead, Vol. 11


No one is safe in the aftermath of the most shocking Walking Dead storyline yet! The remaining survivors continue the road to Washington DC, but not everyone will make it out alive! Collects issues #6...

app The Walking Dead, Vol. 12 logo

The Walking Dead, Vol. 12


At long last, the survivors of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival adventure find the hope they've longed look for. Can a town not yet ravaged by the horrors unleas...

app WikiCriança logo



Mapa das denúncias de infrações contra crianças e adolescentes. Trata-se de um projeto patrocinado pelo Instituto VIVO e Fundação Telefônica....

app WikiCriança logo



Mapa das denúncias de infrações contra crianças e adolescentes. Trata-se de um projeto patrocinado pelo Instituto VIVO e Fundação Telefônica....

app Medication Infusion logo

Medication Infusion


Medication Infusion converts weight-based doses from mcg/kg/min to ml/hour, dependent on drug concentration and dilutions for over 16 drugs, such as:DobutamineEpinephrineLidocaineEsmololSee the comple...

app Radio La Zona logo

Radio La Zona


Habla! Estás en LA ZONA, ahora TÚ LA LLEVAS! Bájate la aplicación y escucha la mejor música en vivo con más de 30 mil éxitos! Desde tu smartphone....

app Camera Stealth Mode logo

Camera Stealth Mode


Camera Stealth Mode.Buy now your version of the secret camera, you will take pictures of their families in situations not very common as their uncle or cousin wiping his nose and now you can take that...

app Autocid Ford Burgos logo

Autocid Ford Burgos


¡¡El programa de tu equipo!!Calendario, plantilla, resultados, partidos en vivo, clasificación, webs oficiales. Todo a un solo click.Podrás seguir en directo los resultados d...

app Ippica TV logo

Ippica TV


Streaming dal vivo della TV Italiana di Ippica UNIRE TV (' attivo un gruppo di discussione per segnalarci disservizi e problemi tecnici con la nostra applicazione.

app Zomboid [free] logo

Zomboid [free]


Zomboid is the ultimate runner - jumper - slider - survivor arcade game on the Android Market. With Zombies. They want YOUR brain. I mean... Really. But, I have the solution for you. A plan. Maybe the...

app Zombie Road logo

Zombie Road


Zombies have taken over the world - Civilization as we know it has ended. The year is 2014.The last remaining bastion of humanity, a top secret army research establishment, is under siege from an endl...

app Pachanga Radio logo

Pachanga Radio


Pachanga Radio La Mejor Musica Regional Mexicana, Norteñas, Tribales, Corridos, Banda, Kumbias, DJ Mezclando en Vivo la Musica que a ti te gusta, visita Chatea,Webcams y ...

app Rádio Itapema logo

Rádio Itapema


A Rede Itapema já tem uma nova versão de seu aplicativo para Android para as emissoras de Porto Alegre e Florianópolis. Entre as novas funcionalidades, estão:1. Opç&...

app Rádio Gaúcha logo

Rádio Gaúcha


A Rádio Gaúcha tem uma nova versão de seu aplicativo para Android. Entre as novas funcionalidades, estão:1 - Opção de play/stop do sinal ao vivo.2 - Opç...

app RJ-BUS  Linhas de ônibus logo

RJ-BUS Linhas de ônibus


Não sabe qual ônibus pegar para seu destino a partir da sua localização? Aplicação permite ao usuário consultas de itinerários de todas as linhas de ônibus da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, são 1...

app The Walking Dead, Vol. 2  logo

The Walking Dead, Vol. 2 


An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no ...

app Cryptic Caverns logo

Cryptic Caverns


You are stranded on an island after a terrible shipwreck in which you are the sole survivor. You discover a thriving civilization once lived here and delve deeper to uncover the mystery of their disap...

app Radio Syniko logo

Radio Syniko


LIVE Fridays / En VIVO Los Viernes on 7pm to 8pm (pacific standard time / tiempo pacifico) hosted by: "CiTRiC" aka "CiTRiCO SyNikO" "Big Cheeko Reeko" &...

app LARstations logo



Servicio Streaming para Radio de LARdesign, aqui encontraras un grupo de emisoras en VIVO 24 horas...Para obtener la tuya llama hoy al 321-88-7947...

app Seleção logo



Este é o aplicativo oficial da Seleção Brasileira de Futebol, desenvolvido em parceria entre CBF e Vivo. Aqui você fica sabendo absolutamente tudo sobre o que acontece com a...

app The Walking Dead, Vol. 5 logo

The Walking Dead, Vol. 5


As the survivors settle into their prison home something has drawn them out into the open... out of the prison... out of their sanctuary. This is a major turning point for the overall story of The Wal...

app AGlc Rapid Rater logo

AGlc Rapid Rater


American General Life gives you on-the-go access to Rapid Rater for fast, customized quotes for our best selling products:· AG Secure Lifetime GUL®. AG Secure Survivor GUL?· AG Selec...

app Gunslingers logo



How quick are you on the draw? Which of your friends has the fastest trigger finger? Have you got the nerve to face them down in a head to head stand off?Experience the thrills of a wild west show dow...

app Animal Vibe logo

Animal Vibe


Ciao! sono Laura Lota, vivo a Padova e ho pregi e difetti come chiunque. Meglio evitare di scrivere la lunga lista delle mie debolezze e quella breve dei miei pregi .. preferisco sia tu a conoscermi...

app Jungle Showdown Free (Demo) logo

Jungle Showdown Free (Demo)


Bored with the same old games?!?!Try this on for a size!Jungle Showdown is a one of a kind concept with great 3d graphs to keep you entertained!The animals in the jungle are turn on the furtive hunter...

app Fútbol Colombiano logo

Fútbol Colombiano


Con esta app para celulares java, podés obtener la última info sobre los torneos locales. Equipos, puntajes, goleadores, incluso podés seguir los partidos en vivo!...

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