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The Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – September 9, 2012

We're back yet again with another list of our Top 10 New Android Apps of the week, and instead of going through my usual spiel about how there's something for everyone I'm just going to throw them out there at ya'. Why? Because I've got a whole day of NFL action to watch, and I don't write near as well when I'm inebriated. Without further ado,...

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app Feed Me Oil logo

Feed Me Oil


When hunger strikes, strike oil! Welcome to a weird and wonderful place where the land is literally alive ...


Quirky Fun with Chainsaw Princess for Android

Princesses and chainsaws seem like an unlikely pairing unless you’re watching a low budget horror flick. What about a chainsaw wielding princess though, does that change the game? That’s the premise behind a new running game called Chainsaw Princess from Brendan Hutchinson, and it’s quite a bit of fun. Princess Chainsaw is a running pla...

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app NES-FC (NES Emulator) logo

NES-FC (NES Emulator)


NES-FC is the high quality and fast NES&FC emulator. Play almost all your NES/FC games.Please try NES-FC Lite before purchasing!Features:+ Hardware keyboard support+ On-screen virtual gamepad with...

app X-Ray Body Scanner logo

X-Ray Body Scanner


The application is intended for users over 18 years of age.It does not contain pornography, however, some may feel offended. If you are not of legal age, don't download the applications.X-Ray Body Sca...

app Spanish Slang Bible logo

Spanish Slang Bible


???????????????????????Currently on Sale! 50% Off, Don't miss it!???????????????????????Spanish Slang Bible is an application containing over 900 Spanish slang and short form frequently used on the Ne...

app The Call of Cthulhu logo

The Call of Cthulhu


"The Call of Cthulhu" is a short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft. Written in the summer of 1926, it was first published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, in February 1928.This novel...

app Android 4.1 JB Messaging SMS logo

Android 4.1 JB Messaging SM...


WARNING: MMS doesn't work currently, sorry! I don't really have time to fix it at the moment, but it works in the previous version available here:

app Chicken Blast – Pro logo

Chicken Blast – Pro


* New Jungle Level Released!* We're offering ChickenBlast for the super-special-reduced prize for a limited time to celebrate the new jungle level.Fun for the whole family with cute & unique graph...

app Chicken Blast – Free logo

Chicken Blast – Free


* New Jungle Level Released!Fun for the whole family with cute & unique graphics - Check it out!Please read the full text! Thanks!For those of you who know it already, we got tons of feedback and ...

app Optus Now logo

Optus Now


View the latest News and weather on your mobile. Catch up on all the latest Top Stories, Sport, Weird stories and Technology news. Keeping up with all the latest Games, Apps and Music. All this in jus...

app Flight display logo

Flight display


Displays GPS and orientation data, in a manner similar to an aircraft's displays.* Speed, heading, and altitude from the GPS* Pitch and roll from the acceleration sensorCheck regulatory requirements b...

app 2000 Ultimate facts logo

2000 Ultimate facts


DID YOU KNOW... 160 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of which are spam.Download the application for the biggest collection of the best facts about people, animals, the human body, Earth and the univ...

app Lose Belly Fat logo

Lose Belly Fat


The real reason you are flabby or out of shape and exactly how to change your body within just a few days.In this fast-paced FREE presentation on the next page, you will also discover: - How we used t...

app Morning Routine Free logo

Morning Routine Free


*Important. For bugs, do not leave a comment only, send a mail so we can get in touch and fix the problem.If the alarm does not go off, we are _very_ interested in getting contacted. We want it to wor...

app Old Time Radio Player (no ads) logo

Old Time Radio Player (no a...


This is the ad-free version of the Old Time Radio Player.Travel back in time and listen to great radio mysteries, dramas and comedies from the 1930s through the 1970s. Nearly ten thousand episodes fro...

app ConfusedSentsFree logo



A functional, but free version of the app ConfusedSentences. As ConfusedSentences this free version can show a "limitless" number, of different random, chaotic and humorous expressions, mad...

app Mobo Rss Reader logo

Mobo Rss Reader


Over 1000 customized sources from all countries & languages. Millions of more sources available through a simple search. Follow 3000+celebrities tracked through stories in news sites, magazines, b...

app Crazy animals soundboard logo

Crazy animals soundboard


This is not your regular animal soundboard! 15 high-quality sounds made by real animals; no special FX, no people imitating animals, 100% genuine. A crazy mix of pets and wild animals making the weird...

app Juice ‘Em Up! logo

Juice ‘Em Up!


Play this super-addictive time management game for FREE!★★★ Warning: This game is hard to put down once you pick it up. ★★★ Create your very own freshly squeezed fruit-juice empire! You ha...

app 99.7 The Blitz – WRKZ logo

99.7 The Blitz – WRKZ


99.7 The Blitz is Your Rock Station! The Blitz Mobile App will let you take “Your Rock Station” with you wherever you go… to work, to school, on a date, in your bedroom, in the bathroom(weird), ...

app RemixThem! logo



Mix and Remix your friends-Take or load a picture of a face, and edit it.-Mix (Swap, blend) two faces into oneTrust the automatic "Ugly Button" for weird results.Share your remixed friends....

app Yuck Mouth logo

Yuck Mouth


Getting your tween to brush is quite a struggle. That's why we created Yuck Mouth, the app that makes brushing fun. Just download Yuck Mouth and hand your phone over to your child, then watch with won...

app Awkward Turtle logo

Awkward Turtle


Have you ever found yourself in a conversation without any idea what to say next? Then Awkward Turtle is the thing for you! Awkward turtle is a free app that will supply you with one of over 210 rando...

app Your Daily News Headlines logo

Your Daily News Headlines


Rovedin news network updates the news headlines across the web and the world every 30 minutes. We bring you breaking news in sports, entertainment, politics, viral videos, strange or weird news, heal...

app Data Info Widget logo

Data Info Widget


A small 1x1 counter for tracking data usage. Comes with flashy lights to indicate data transfer*! Also has a very minimal amount of customisability.Clicking on the widget will show a breakdown of data...

app Aaarg, Pimples!  – Zit Plook logo

Aaarg, Pimples! – Zi...


Gross, grosser, PIMPLES! :) The best and fastest pimple popper game around. Challenge your friends for the biggest highscore or just make them scream and laugh. Nasty pimple popping action!????? TRY N...

app Epileptic Gibbon Podcast HD logo

Epileptic Gibbon Podcast HD


The Epileptic Gibbon PodcastDiscover new music with the Epileptic Gibbon Podcast App developed for Android 3.0 Honeycomb!!It's about music that doesn't fit easily into boxes, or in the cases where it ...

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