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app Mirror logo



Turn your phone into the best mirror, with zoom and exposure controls!Do you need to check your look or maybe put your contact lens, and you don't have a mirror? Now with Mirror in your phone, you won...

app Tivitti logo



Tivitti (in Italian "I saw you") is a card game very popular in Sicily and Calabria. To play, you need 40 cards, 10 each of four suits: cups, coins, swords and clubs. The cards' value is the...

app My Fridge (free) logo

My Fridge (free)


Your dream is to have an organized fridge but you have some difficulties to manage it?You have always expired products in your fridge?You have some products in your freezer but you don...

app Smoothie Recipes! logo

Smoothie Recipes!


Smoothies -- everyone seems to be drinking them -- why are they so popular?Smoothies can be one of the best "Fast Foods" your body can enjoy.Here are a few smoothie benefits:1. By choosing t...

app Fruit Ninja THD logo

Fruit Ninja THD


This THD version of Fruit Ninja is optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 2 based Android devices only.Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate br...

app Yo Momma! logo

Yo Momma!


Like Snaps? Like jokes about "yo ma"? Like to Laugh?Then this is the app for you!36 funny yo mama jokes performed by comedian Tim Brennan!Simple soundboard! Click a button hear a joke! Insul...

app Yo Momma 5! logo

Yo Momma 5!


Didn't get enough Yo Momma jokes in the first 4?Then slap yourself! Your in luck!36 more funny yo mama jokes performed by comedian Tim Brennan! Some classics, some new!Simple soundboard! Click a butto...

app Makeup Mirror logo

Makeup Mirror


Turn your phone into a pocket mirror with zoom and lighting controls!You don't have to carry anymore with a pocket mirror in your purse, with Makeup Mirror you will have always in your phone the best ...

app Simple Spreadsheet logo

Simple Spreadsheet


This is the full no-ads version of Simple Spreadsheet, now packaged as a separate application.Going forward, new features will be added to this version of the application only (eg, sort).A simple spre...

app Bixpe Arrived! logo

Bixpe Arrived!


How many times did your mum told you when you go on travel:As soon as you arrived, please phone me!.But when you arrived you are looking for the hotel, some place to park the car, doing the check-in, ...

app Lair Defense: Shrine logo

Lair Defense: Shrine


Greedy humans are invading dragon's world again! They're well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon's world. Dragons are angry, and it's time for them to fight back! They are familar with...


Rocket Weasel – Android Game Review

Rocket Weasel – Android Game Review Overview It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Rocket Weasel? If you’re like me you probably didn’t know Weasels liked to zip around on rockets. Thanks to the folks at Freeze Tag Games you’ll get to find out just how fun it is to be a rocket wearing Weasel in their aptly titled Android game Rocket Weasel. Gameplay Apparently Mr. We...

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A Review of Headcase Games 180 Ultra for Android

A Review of Headcase Games 180 Ultra for Android Overview 180 Ultra is an awesome puzzler from Headcase Games that puts a new twist flip on the tired old genre of Match-3 games. It is a gem matching game with style, and it’s a game that’s going to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end as you try to master the flip and set a high-score… Gameplay The rules and premise behind ...

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app ☆ Stick it! (Pop-up Player) logo

☆ Stick it! (Pop-up Playe...


Do you want to keep using your device while watching movies ? Stick it! is the way to go! Enjoy the desktop experience on your Android device!!!! YOUTUBE SUPPORT: READ THE FAQ !!!Stick it! is the only...

app Lair Defense: Dungeon logo

Lair Defense: Dungeon


Way back in ancient history, when humans and dragons live in peace, the human emperor once heard eating dragon eggs will make one live forever. Since then, the war between humans and dragons has begun...

app A-Star logo



**BETA v0.3**This was done as a school project in only 3 weeks. The requirement was that it had to do with the A* search algorithm. I finished the class with an A+! Thanks to those who helped me find ...

app SystemCleanup logo



This App can move updated Systemapps Like Maps,Market or Search, back to /system/app and save space on /data/appfor this is *** ROOT *** required !!

app Santa Needs Help logo

Santa Needs Help


Santa Claus needs your help!Santa's helpers want extra money. They have stolen some gifts from Santa Claus to resell in ElfBay.Your mission is to recover all the gifts, so no one is left without gifts...

app Oh Wolves Christmas logo

Oh Wolves Christmas


Play this fun game with a new look and sound effects very Christmas.Based on the classic game "Oh mummy" for the Amstrad CPC 464. Comes to Android "Oh Wolves Christmas".Turn around...

app Animal fireworks (for Infant) logo

Animal fireworks (for Infan...


Animal fireworks.Tap out the fireworks up in the streets, the pleasant faces of animals.A helicopter flew by tapping the sky, just like a TV relay though!This app just tap for children to enjoy.Launch...

app Cashtap (Free) logo

Cashtap (Free)


An explosive experiment in a renowned science lab blows up a bank situated above it. Now the valuables stored in it have gained mysterious powers and have started to fly around haphazardly. The only w...

app Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote logo

Stringnote MyIdeas in Evern...


Android device users can double-click the Power button to: Snap a picture; Record 15 seconds of dictation; Save them together with Time and Location to Evernote. Stringnote is an instant idea recorde...

app Space Invaders Meets Galaga logo

Space Invaders Meets Galaga


Galactic Invasion is an exciting new arcade space shooter game for the Android platform, inspired by classic video arcade game legends Space Invaders and Galaga.While on patrol deep in space you encou...

app OBD-2 Repair Strategies logo

OBD-2 Repair Strategies


OBD-2 Repair Strategies (Book-APP)(Note: This Book-APP runs fine on tablet screens. This is a Book-APP. The entire book contents are inside the APP, so you get the whole book.)In the early part of the...

app Car Gauge Pro (OBD2 + Enhance) logo

Car Gauge Pro (OBD2 + Enhan...


The application will communicate with the vehicle computers at the 16 Pin OBD2 diagnostic connector. Most of the OBD2 connector location should be under the Steering Wheel Compartment. Elm 327 Bluet...

app SWF Transcoder logo

SWF Transcoder


There is a known issue with youtube-dl. In order to fix it simply navigate your shell to your testing2 directory and execute ./youtube-dl -U This application will download MP3 and MP4 versions of SWF ...

app Bubble Division logo

Bubble Division


Shot the bubbles shred and destroy it, collect moneys, buy extra weapons!Features:* Time Race mode.* High Scores* 3 Different weapons: - Freeze gun - Wall - Gun* And more ......


Quick Review – Veggie Dog for Android

Quick Review – Veggie Dog for Android Veggie Dog is a quirky new game from Click Connect Co. that has you controlling genetically altered Dog that loves vegetables.  You’ll need to avoid being detected by the farmer as you sneak onto his farm to try and steal veggies during the night. It's a very quick game to play through, but fun nonetheless as you'll soon find out. Now th...

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