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Search for ghosts

app SpotRadars, Speed Cameras logo

SpotRadars, Speed Cameras


SpotRadars is a speed camera warning system using FoxyTag, the worldwide most complete speed camera database. It signals fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras and ghosts (places where there are of...

app SpotRadars Lite, Speed Cameras logo

SpotRadars Lite, Speed Came...


SpotRadars is a speed camera warning system using FoxyTag, the worldwide most complete speed camera database. It signals fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras and ghosts (places where there are of...

app Cam Tag Lite, Speed Cameras logo

Cam Tag Lite, Speed Cameras


Cam Tag is a speed camera warning system using FoxyTag, the worldwide most complete speed camera database. It signals fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras and ghosts (places where there are often...

app Prank Button Fun logo

Prank Button Fun


Prank Button Fun Free By Seven LeafIf you love playing pranks on others or love the thrill of random, funny effects, Prank Button is for you!* App includes over 500 different random effect combination...

app Ghost Smasher logo

Ghost Smasher


Ghost smasher is ghost killing game with multiple levels including kid mode.Ghosts are smashed and killed and if a ghost escape your killing tricks, you are gonna lose. Smash and kill the ghosts befor...

app Ghost Jokes logo

Ghost Jokes


A great selection of ghost jokes.Family friendly list of spooky jokes about ghosts.Keywords: spooky jokes, ghosts, ghost jokes, halloween jokes, scary jokes, ghosts...

app Scary Halloween Fling logo

Scary Halloween Fling


Just in time for Halloween. Entertain your friends with scary Halloween sounds. Just shake or tap screen. As a bonus, watch the ghosts rise from the cemetery. Fling pumpkins at the ghosts to scar...

app Ghostly Halloween Live Wallpap logo

Ghostly Halloween Live Wall...


<div id="doc-original-text">Ghostly Halloween Live Wallpaper<br>This is the best ghost live wallpaper I have seen. All the ghosts including the one in the middle change colors it...

app Ghosty Party Lite logo

Ghosty Party Lite


Vaporize as many ghosts of the same color as you can to get a high score, with cute halloween theme animations, bonuses, and sound effects.The more ghosts you tap at once, the more scores you will get...

app Catch Halloween logo

Catch Halloween


To celebrate Spooky Halloween, many of us would often dress up like scary, spooky or creepy Ghost. With this App you can easily find other frightening ghosts around you and try to catch them. With thi...

app Halloween Skyline LWP logo

Halloween Skyline LWP


Admire the passing of the day, the sunset and the night.Check the current time on the clock of stone and the battery level in the bulb containing the magic potion!Fully animated: pumpkins, bats, cauld...

app Beauty Halloween Wallpaper logo

Beauty Halloween Wallpaper


<div id="doc-original-text">Beauty Halloween Wallpaper - very nice slide show<p>Gold collection Studio Presents Beauty Halloween Wallpaper.<br>Beauty Halloween Wallpaper ( ...

app Spooky Sounds logo

Spooky Sounds


Spooky Sounds Free By Seven LeafOne of the best Halloween Night apps on the market! Scare your friends (or yourself!) with this popular Free Halloween sounds application. Additional frightful features...

app Halloween Live Wallpaper DEMO logo

Halloween Live Wallpaper DE...


Halloween Live Wallpaper DEMO full of playful fright with witches, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, black cats and more! Buy the full version to remove the flashing "DEMO" text! Search for "Hal...

app Teddy Tumble logo

Teddy Tumble


Think doing the laundry is a chore? Get ready for a new spin on the spin cycle. Enter into the world’s wackiest washing machine. Roll and bounce Teddy around the maze-like compartments of this ultra...

app Haunted South Podcast App logo

Haunted South Podcast App


THIS APP FEATURES PARANORMAL NEWS, PARA EDGE, TECH TALK, PARANORMAL PODCAST, AND TEAM TWEETS.The Haunted South, one of the top paranormal investigation teams in the US, interviews paranormal community...

app Storyboard Halloween logo

Storyboard Halloween


Storyboard Halloween is a fun, entertaining app for parents and children to enjoy Halloween games, rhymes, stories, songs, and jokes together!information: -this app requires "Adobe Air" 3.0 ...

app Blue Ghost Widget logo

Blue Ghost Widget


Halloween is upon us, and what better way to get into the spirit then by adding ghosts to your Android homescreen! Blue Ghost Widget places a spooky blue ghost on your home screen that makes a ghastl...

app Tha Jack-o (ADW Theme) logo

Tha Jack-o (ADW Theme)


*****When Fall has arrived, it can mean only one thing - Halloween! And what else besides candy corn, ghosts, skeletons and Haunted Houses are more associated with the night of terror? Why Jack-o-Lant...

app Altered Dimensions Paranormal logo

Altered Dimensions Paranorm...


Altered Dimensions was created due to our love of the strange, the unusual, and the unexplained. Since the dawn of time Man has been constantly inundated with unanswered questions, mystical puzzles, a...

app DVR:Halloween Cat 2011 logo

DVR:Halloween Cat 2011


Halloween icon pack for Desktop VisualizeR(DVR).Wrapped in a Jack O Lantern orange light, a mysterious Halloween funNight starts.Goody-goody black cat, a mischievous ghosts, a cheerful Mandragora.Dres...

app Halloween Sticker Pack 2 logo

Halloween Sticker Pack 2


<div id="doc-original-text">Halloween Sticker Pack 1 features 5 Stickers of 4 sizes each that you setup just like a widget to decorate your desktop. You will get a force close error wh...

app Hole Mole logo

Hole Mole


Hole Mole, the new adaptation of the classic arcade game, comes right into your mobile in this energetic and great action new version. We bring you the look and feel of one of the most popular arcade ...

app The Dompeaks logo

The Dompeaks


"Die DomSpitzen" (The DomPeaks) gives you everything Cologne has to offer: A whole lot of Dom, some Altstadt, a pinch of local humor, a little splash of the Rhine and the occasional Köl...

app Carnival of Horrors Lite logo

Carnival of Horrors Lite


LEVEL PACK ONE AVAILABLE! Download latest version and choose "Get Level Pack" from the main menu! 4.6/5 Stars - "A superb game which is very easy to fall in love with......

app Ghost Trap Free logo

Ghost Trap Free


Turn your Android phone into a ghost trap! Trap some ghosts this halloween.**NEW**Slide your device across a rug or something soft to trigger the ghost trap! Just like a real ghost trap!Suggestions ...

app TheTunnelRunner logo



In this fast paced retro shooter - race along the floor or ceiling blasting all foes in sight. Use your special linear-vortex to freeze ghosts and shatter shields. Deal widespread damage with rapid fi...

app Bucks County Ghost Tour logo

Bucks County Ghost Tour


Discover Bucks County, PA and it's ghosts in this new multimedia app for Android. Features include audio introductions to each haunted spot along with history of the location and the ghosts sighted. T...

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