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HTC One Hits 5 Million Sales Figure Says Exec

htc one A HTC Executive just revealed that HTC One sales are very good, as they managed to reach 5 million units sold within the first month of its launching. The announcement has been made by an anonymous HTC Executive in an interview for the Wall Street Journal, and this result is impressive since HTC struggled with various technical issues regarding...

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HTC Desire 200 and HTC Desire 600 Specs Leaked Online

htc desire 600 The Taiwanese from HTC are preparing two new mid-ranged Android running smartphones to be released, the HTC Desire 600 and HTC Desire 200. HTC has been plagued with serious financial trouble lately, actually there are rumors among market analysts that HTC is actually a sinking ship. Now HTC is planning to release two new smartphones, maybe the t...

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HTC Promises to Double the HTC One Shipments This Month

htc one shipments It was not an easy start for the Taiwanese super star, from the beginning HTC One shipments were delayed due to technical issues but now they are expected to double until the end of the month. HTC One was seen by market analysts like a make or brake deal for the company, just like the Lumia 920 was for Nokia. The current flagship of the Taiwanes...

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HTC ONE sales lead to 2 months of growth and a possible future

htclogo During the 3rd quarter of 2011 HTC was the top selling mobile phone manufacture in the U.S. and had taken 24% of the market even out selling Apple at the time. When the iPhone4 was released HTC basically was shouldered aside and began a steady decline. The reviews are now out and it has been stated by many that the HTC ONE is currently the best sm...

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HTC One gets a mic Check

htcmic It appears that an error was made at some point in the production logistics of the HTC One. The Taiwan based manufacturer apparently made a mistake in good faith by including a specific microphone into the build of the HTC One. Last month a Netherlands court had ruled that ST Microelectronics had started selling their new dual membrane microphone...

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Unlocked HTC ONE: Now Available

htc-one-multiple The unlocked 32GB version of the HTC ONE is now available for $575. An unlocked phone is a cell phone that is not tied to specific service provider and will allow you to use whatever carrier you want. Unlocked phones are an ideal form of mobile device freedom. With the unlocked HTC ONE you can essentially use a carrier without having to lock into ...

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app HTC Wildfire S Phone Theme logo

HTC Wildfire S Phone Theme


HTC Wildfire S Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC Wildfire S is a smartphone developed by the HTC Corporation. The model was announced on 15 February 2011 at the Mobile World Congress and r...

app HTC Wildfire Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC Wildfire Phone Wallpape...


HTC Wildfire Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC Wildfire is a smartphone developed by the HTC Corporation, that was announced on 17 May 2010 and released in Europe in June of the same year....

app HTC Tattoo Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC Tattoo Phone Wallpapers


HTC Tattoo Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC Tattoo is a phone manufactured by the HTC Corporation for the Android platform. It is the second phone to feature the HTC Sense interface. The ...

app HTC Gratia Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC Gratia Phone Wallpapers


HTC Gratia Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe Gratia was released on June 20, 2010, and is available through AT&T. In Japan, eMobile offered the phone from the end of 2010. It is a combinat...

app HTC.Sense5 CM10/10.1/AOKP logo

HTC.Sense5 CM10/10.1/AOKP



app HTC Sensation Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC Sensation Phone Wallpap...


HTC Sensation Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC Sensation is a smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC Corporation that runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software stock. Officially anno...

app HTC Desire Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC Desire Phone Wallpapers


HTC Desire Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC. It was announced on 16 February 2010 and released in Europe and Australia...

app HTC ChaCha Phone Wallpapers logo

HTC ChaCha Phone Wallpapers


HTC ChaCha Phone Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe HTC ChaCha is an Android smartphone that was announced by HTC in February, 2011 at the Mobile World Congress, alongside its sister phone, the HTC S...

app Htc First Space Dance LWP logo

Htc First Space Dance LWP


Live Wallpaper Htc First Space Dance LWP stylish implementation and details of Space.Two components Htc First Space Dance LWP in perfect harmony with each other: Dancing Stones and the Asteroids Belt....

app Rescue Add-On: HTC logo

Rescue Add-On: HTC


This is NOT a stand-alone application. This application is an add-on component and should NOT be downloaded by itself. It should ONLY be downloaded through ...


HTC One officially launches, seems awesome

As many of you might know that HTC is currently holding two conferences. The conferences being held in New York and London simultaneously and are pumping out information like there is no tomorrow. The Taiwanese company has now introduced the HTC One to the world, in an official capacity. Featuring new sound and camera architecture and aiming to r...

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Rumor: HTC M7 is now HTC One

In a confusing turn of event, there is a rumor circulating that the HTC M7 will simply be called HTC One upon release. This comes from a notorious yet very reliable source, @Evleaks. The source is claiming that the latest upcoming smartphone from HTC which was codenamed HTC M7 is now going to be called the HTC One. That is right folks; there won’...

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HTC M7 Price says it will be expensive

The HTC M7 price has been revealed in France, confirming that the super phone will cost you super money. This much was already decided though, so it won’t come much of a surprise to many. Those who were wishing that he HTC M7 would have a very attractive price, well they were wishing for the wrong thing from the start. A French side appropriately...

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HTC M7… Chants the HTC crowd

HTC M7 The HTC M7 is shaping up to be one of the most powerful smartphones released in recent memory. Looks like the parent company is also much pumped about the device they have made. The Taiwanese company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Chou, seems to think along the same lines. The CEO took the stage at the end of year party being held in Taipe...

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HTC M7 partially seen in a Video

The HTC M7 is accumulating some serious attention these days; people are excited to see what the next flagship will do after the amazing HTC Droid DNA/ Butterfly. And the more the product is hyped, the more the leaks, same is with the HTC M7. We have seen renders, photos and specs leak, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. Now we have to ta...

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HTC Desire U headed to Taiwan

Usually the budget devices don’t get the fancy “extravagant” treatment the expensive ones do. As is the case with HTC Desire U, recently HTC has released a spec sheet for the new smartphone which is being targeted towards Taiwanese market. The cleverly named HTC Desire U (HTC Desire YOU), might be a medium range phone, but it does not look ...

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HTC M7 Photos leak onto the Web

The HTC M7 as some people are calling it the next big thing from HTC was kind of a hush hush project, until now. There is excitement in the air as fans have gotten the first look at how the device will physically look. The high end Android phone going by the codename (or is it the actual name?) “HTC M7” was thought to be announced at CES 2013...

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HTC One SV is a New Mid-Range Phone

HTC One SV HTC One SV has been announced today as a medium ranged phone. The Taiwanese company reintroduced its popular One S model by lowering the specs and enabling 4G. The design is also drastically changed as the latest iteration is a more rounded affair. The handset somehow manages to look quite slim and is promising to feel quite comfortable in hands...

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HTC Butterfly – fluttering in China

The latest flagship phone from HTC is less a phone more of an international spy. Changing names and aliases where ever it goes and completely avoiding some territories as well, just like there is an agency ban on entering certain air spaces. First the phone was called HTC J Butterfly while it was on a mission in Japan, then its adventures took it...

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app HTC Flyer Canvas, scribble Pro logo

HTC Flyer Canvas, scribble ...


This Pro version is a way to say Thank you to the developer. ★Includes a library of Premium Canvases to choose from★ability to use your pics as Canvases★A predefined section to view all drawing...

app F-Button for HTC ChaCha logo

F-Button for HTC ChaCha


* Please try the Lite version first to ensure that the application works with your phone. *This application lets you configure the blue F button of your HTC ChaCha. No root access required — simply ...

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