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app SuperJigsawPolynesia logo



Enjoy the look and feel of an old-fashioned Jig Saw puzzle!Marvel trough this great selection of unique images and have fun! Have hours of fun with these 50 unique pictures from Easter Island, the Mar...

app Cruciverba Estate logo

Cruciverba Estate


La raccolta estiva di parole crociate prodotta da Vis-K!- Compatibile con TUTTI i dispositibi Android.- Corretti i bug legati a interfaccia e tastiera virtuale.- Interfaccia, parole e definizioni in i...

app RoosterSGN logo



Deze app is bedoeld voor leerlingen en docenten van het Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen. Met deze app wordt het mogelijk, ook het rooster offline te bekijken indien online het rooster binnengeladen is. H...

app Galaxy Pool (physics game) logo

Galaxy Pool (physics game)


Did you enjoy mind-puzzling Cut The Rope? Spent hours playing fantastic Blast Monkeys? Found yourself addicted to shooting to much apples in Shoot The Apple? If You have answered positive to one of th...

app Silent M Free logo

Silent M Free


The song named as 'Silent M' created by Japanese indie artist Kenjiro Hiramatsu....

app Checkboard logo



Developed and created by one person and owner of Angry Man Games, comes his first big project, Checkboard!Checkboard is a tile switching puzzle game that will challenge your mind and your skills of pe...

app Flitsers logo



Dit programma is ontwikkeld voor alle automobilisten die een overzicht willen van alle Mobiele flitsers, flitspalen, trajectcontroles, flitsers op lokale straten. Kortom een complete flitsers app voor...

app Gratis telefonieren logo

Gratis telefonieren


Gratis telefonieren nach Indien & 40 Länder.Call-Through ist die Alternative zu Call-by-Call für alle, die keinen Telefonanschluss bei der Telekom haben und trotzdem bei Auslands- und Handytelef...

app ANWB Wegenwacht logo

ANWB Wegenwacht


Met de Wegenwacht applicatie van de ANWB kunt u snel en gemakkelijk in contact komen met de Wegenwacht. Zowel in binnenland als buitenland* weet de Wegenwacht waar u staat. Met behulp van de applicati...

app Make pairs quickly! logo

Make pairs quickly!


The intellectual & Time trial game (race) with Japanese cute characters "Indie Animals".Let's complete making the colorful same picture pair quickly!Your score will be listed on the RANK...

app Snip-Snap (free) logo

Snip-Snap (free)


Please, support our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo!! Snip-snap, snip-snap, snip-snap!Little kids will appreciate unusual puzzle!You should n...

app DrumCoach 3 logo

DrumCoach 3


Welcome to the DrumCoach for Rock&Heavy! DrumCoach - the no. 1 for drummer! With this, you'll own them all. Powered by: Pearl, Paiste, Alesis, Numark, Agner Sticks, Drums&Percussion, DrumXound...

app Bean’s Quest logo

Bean’s Quest


Enjoy platforming perfection on the go! Five worlds to explore with three achievements per stage! Bean's Quest is easy to pick up yet hard to master!**Featured at PAX East 2012 in the Boston Indie Sho...

app Barzellette e freddure logo

Barzellette e freddure


Un'applicazione divertente contenente un sacco di barzellette e freddure su Totti, sulla politica, a luci rosse e tanto altro ancora.C'è la possibilità di scorrere le varie schermate olt...

app Super Slot Machine logo

Super Slot Machine


Super Slot Machine was our first Android project. Originally released in early2012, this game has had over 1000 downloads!Play three difficulties with two reel types: Fruit (10 fruits) or Cards (5...

app SuperJigSaw Iran logo

SuperJigSaw Iran


Enjoy the look and feel of an old-fashioned Jig Saw puzzle!Marvel trough this great selection of unique images and have fun! This bundle includes 42 unique photos taken during my trip to Iran. They ar...

app SuperJigSaw Flowers logo

SuperJigSaw Flowers


Enjoy the look and feel of an old-fashioned Jig Saw puzzle!32 unique images of flowers, divided between easy, normal, hard and EXTREME! I am an indie developer, i hate ADS, online-dependencies and all...

app West Vlams logo

West Vlams


West Vlams et en aantal voorbeeln van West Vlamse utdrukking. Je ku klikkn op e knop voethoern hoe dajt eke utdrukking moê zehhe. Ajt nie verstoat wuk dat er stoat, to e mojt mor è ke vra...

app Candy Rose logo

Candy Rose


Get the official App of Candy Rose! 6th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) Finalist, Candy Rose is an unsigned, independent Singer/Songwriter based in London, U.K. She writes/co-writes...

app Apsveikumi logo



Vairāk nekā 1950 apsveikumu 18 kategorijās! Ar iespēju nosūtīt apsveikumu ar SMS, uz Epastu un nokopēt. Nav nepieciešams interneta savienojums.Jūs varat izmēģināt bezmaksas aplikāciju &qu...

app Frasi per Abbordare logo

Frasi per Abbordare


Questa simpatica app ti suggerirà tutte le frasi più assurde e divertenti per conquistare la tua "preda".La vera sfida, poi, sarà riuscire a trovare il coraggio (e la si...

app Neon Zone logo

Neon Zone


Now with even more levels!"Neon Zone is a charming little title that evokes the style of something like Osmos, and the ingenious fun of – dare I say it? – Portal" – Bits n Bytes Gaming...

app Mini Thor logo

Mini Thor


Most addictive game ever, fun and challenging all at the same time.The Mighty Thor are doing serious "big business" in the toilet, while the Kinpei Monsters had stolen his "Mjöllni...

app Jasje aan? Jasje uit? logo

Jasje aan? Jasje uit?


Zit je 10 hoog op kantoor en wil je toch weten of je je jasje nodig hebt voor de wandeling tijdens de lunch. Deze applicatie geeft jou advies.Het vergelijkt de drempel temperatuur die je zelf kunt ins...

app Kussen Grap logo

Kussen Grap


Zet je telefoon in een scheet grap. Plaats de telefoon op een stoel of bank. Indien uw telefoon wordt aangeraakt of verplaatst, laat hij de winderigheid out! Een klassieke grap / wedstrijd. Categorie:...

app The Passenger DEMO logo

The Passenger DEMO


★★ THE GREAT FUSION ★ Try our new real graphic adventure★★ OFF For limited time in full version!DEMOShort and e...

app Polar logo



In this simple indie physics game based on gravity you collect points in a space themed environment by tapping near the protagonist to attract it. Inspired from classic game snake with addition of gra...

app Pre-School: Math logo

Pre-School: Math


Test your counting skills by taking these quizzes.Do you like quizzes? Do you like free stuff?! Then this is the app for you... fun, free multiple-choice trivia quizzes in your pocket!FEATURES? Four o...

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