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app tProcessKiller logo



yet another process killer. Lists some types of processes that the built in task manager doesn't. NO ADs! No unnecessary permissions!...

app AppKiller logo



AppKiller helps you to manage Memory and App1. click to kill process2. long click to show App's infomation#keywordTask Killer|TaskManager|memory|autokill|Advanced Task Killer|Advanced Task Manager|aut...

app Tomato Killer logo

Tomato Killer


Tomato killer is a accelerometer based game.Tilt your phone to control the ball and kill the red tomatoes.No ads, only vibrate permission required.Includes 24 levels and 6 special levels, free upgrade...

app Quick Task Killer logo

Quick Task Killer


Quick Task Killer allows you to kill processes(tasks) on your phone quickly.--------------------------------features:*Ignore list *Autokill apps after screen off *Show the memory and the power*Notific...

app Task Killer ProMax Mini logo

Task Killer ProMax Mini


***I recommend downloading the normal version of Task Killer ProMax (or the Plus version) including the interface minimal, it has many more features and more updated***Task Killer ProMax Mini is the b...

app Junk Killer logo

Junk Killer


The Junk Killer is an One Click utility for removing DiskCacheIndex and other temporary files from root folder of your TF card.On some devices users having trouble with browsing /sdcard, due too a lot...

app iPhone Killer Shooting Game logo

iPhone Killer Shooting Game


Feeling Bored? How about shooting at some iPhones?Anytime you see an iPhone, just show em who's boss!Pace gets faster with each re-play. Fast reflexes and sharp shooting required. Warning! Highly addi...

app LadyKiller TTD Theme logo

LadyKiller TTD Theme


NOTE: This is a theme for the game TicTacDroide (available in the Market). You need to install it first to use this app.Almost a copy of the Honeycomb TTD Theme, also available in the Market. This ver...

app Ultimate Task Killer Plus logo

Ultimate Task Killer Plus


Ultimate Task Killer is the best solution to better manage open applications on your smartphone.Allows a dynamic view of all open processes and memory currently in use.If you have a device you have ro...

app Norton Utilities task killer logo

Norton Utilities task kille...


Norton Mobile Utilities Lite provides essential tools to boost the performance of your smartphone and tablet in a single app, including battery saver and task killer functionality. Active management o...

app Ultimate Task Killer logo

Ultimate Task Killer


Ultimate Task Killer (with Shake to Kill) is the best solution to better manage open applications on your smartphone.Light and fast! with Shake to Kill (free to all!!) try it! ;)Allows a dynamic view ...

app Killer Video Conversions logo

Killer Video Conversions


No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Note: This eBook is optimize...

app Own Killer Product In 5 Steps logo

Own Killer Product In 5 Ste...


Firstly, let me say Thank you for purchasing this report, I am sure you will find the content in this report invaluable when looking to create your own products. The reason I have created this report ...

app iPad Killer logo

iPad Killer


Sick of all those show-offs brandishing their iPads? Well, here's something for you to release some steam. What's the best way to deal with an iPad? Yeah, blast it away to Kingdom Come.Pace gets faste...

app Mutant Killers logo

Mutant Killers


Tiny mutant creatures have polluted earth's atmosphere and is spreading like wildfire. Destroy them before the entire human race is wiped out....

app Free Task Killer logo

Free Task Killer


An utility that allow user to manage/kill current running process/apps on their phone, in order to release more resources for other apps.An always on top button to immediately kill the top-most applic...

app TaskKiller logo



In order to make your cellular phone electricity -saving, faster, we made this phone application. Users can timing detection oneself want to killing the process, add trust software to white list some ...

app Quick Process Killer logo

Quick Process Killer


This application is a simple task killer.You can choose to terminate the application list of applications....

app Task Killer logo

Task Killer


Task Killer is a tool to kill running applications. Speed up and save battery.- one click widget to kill all apps- support auto kill after screen off- support ignored list- can change widget refresh t...

app Super Task Killer FREE logo

Super Task Killer FREE


This is the fastest & simplest task killer on Google Play. Super Task Killer FREE uses less than 0.1% of your memory!====================================? BEST ALTERNATIVE ?4 reasons to "Kill" other T...

app Smart Task Killer logo

Smart Task Killer


Smart Task Killer is a tool to kill running tasks and running apps that you selected.It will speed up and save battery for your device.If you are using BLOCCO,you can more conveniently manage the devi...

app The Killer Game logo

The Killer Game


The Killer Game is a social game that you play together with a group of friends. The app is not the game, it just facilitates the game. The action takes place in ‘real life’.1. One player starts a...

app Auto Process Killer – OS 1.5+ logo

Auto Process Killer –...


OS 2.0+ users, search for the 2.0+ version-Screen Lock Kill-Updated One Click Kill Widget-Added NotificationsKeep your android device free of memory hogs by setting an interval and letting the applica...

app Auto Process Killer – OS 2.0+ logo

Auto Process Killer –...


-Screen Lock Kill-Updated One Click Kill Widget-Added NotificationsKeep your android device free of memory hogs by setting an interval and letting the application free up memory used by unwanted appli...

app Auto Process Killer Free -1.5+ logo

Auto Process Killer Free -1...


OS 2.0+ users, search for the 2.0+ versionKeep your android device free of memory hogs by setting an interval and letting the application free up memory used by unwanted applications automatically. Yo...

app Super Task Killer logo

Super Task Killer


Super task killerFeel your smartphone is becoming slower and slower? Fell the battery life of your smartphone is shorter and short? Crazy about some unwanted running apps and service that you can not ...

app Battery Dr saver+a task killer logo

Battery Dr saver+a task kil...


About write Browser's history and bookmarks permission: the "History cleaner"(Menu->History cleaner) function need it.Old name:Battery Doctor to Save Battery or Battery saver.If it forces close,pleas...

app Mob Killer Unlock KEY logo

Mob Killer Unlock KEY


This is an UNLOCK KEY for the DKIT Android game Mob Killer.Download the FREE version of Mob Killer first, then buy and download this unlock key to unlock more content and remove ads from the game.THIS...

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