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This app sends your position to your friends by a SMS service. Then your friends can see your position on a Map if your friends have this app or a smart phone.Detail Info:

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Give you a comprehensive overview on Hong Kong daily news, finance, real estate, entertainment, sports, lifestyle & famous columns. am730, my choice my paper!am730 app include direct tap-to-call f...


US Court Rules NSA Snooping Illegal

nsa If you are a follower of this website, you probably know that I covered the news about Edward Snowden's whistle blowing regarding the illegal NSA spying program which collects data about tens of millions of American citizens since day one. Obviously, the NSA not only spies on domestic affairs and US citizens, it's a world-wide phenomena (...

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Baidu Browser for Android

Baidu Browser for Android One of the best things Android offers to its fan-base is the multitude of choices when it comes to...basically anything. The same theory applies for web browsers. Enter the Baidu Browser from Baidu HK. Well, this is just another web browser, I have my Chromium already, what's up with Baidu? Not so fast, my young Padawan. Just go to Google...

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app CyanogenMod Profiles Shortcut logo

CyanogenMod Profiles Shortc...


This application adds the shortcuts for your **CyanogenMod** profiles.Need Cyanogenmod ROM, tested in CM 10 and above, however should work with CM7+ too but not tested, please test within Google Play ...

app A PearlySeaAndAnAbandonedHotel logo

A PearlySeaAndAnAbandonedHo...


Walkthrough "A Pearly Sea And An Abandoned Hotel"It is a Walkthrough of Escape game "A Pearly Sea And An Abandoned Hotel".Walkthrough is easy-to-understand illustration only!You wi...

app Walkthrough:Arabian Nights logo

Walkthrough:Arabian Nights


Walkthrough "Arabian Nights"It is a Walkthrough of Escape game "Arabian Nights".Walkthrough is easy-to-understand illustration only!You will be able to escape the room.- Escape roo...

app Walkthrough:Camouflage logo



Walkthrough "Camouflage"It is a Walkthrough of Escape game "Camouflage".Walkthrough is easy-to-understand illustration only!You will be able to escape the room.- Escape room: Camou...


CyanogenMod 10.1.1 update patches security exploits

CyanogenmodIf any of you CyanogenMod users out there have updated in the past couple of days, you may have noticed that your version has been updated to version 10.1.1. But this update isn’t about cramming in new features, instead the CyanogenMod team has patched up some of the well know security Android exploits which have been making the news recently...

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Rumor: HTC M8 coming in 2014, HTC One refresh later this year, and plastic One to replace Butterfly

HTC OneA new batch of HTC One-related rumors supposedly reveal some of the company’s plans for the following months and next year, with a variety of One models being reportedly in the works.Let’s take a look at them chronologically, at least according to what Pocket-lint has learned from sources familiar with HTC’s plans.Refreshed HTC One in 2013App...

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CyanogenMod’s download site gets a much needed makeover

CyanogenMod CM Old PageCM’s old page. CyanogenMod has been all over the news lately. New builds for new devices are coming out all the time, and they’re even doing their part to boost mobile security. However, one that hasn’t been new in a long time is their ROM download portal. It’s been around a long time and if there’s anything left in Cy...

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Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, this week: Sony Xperia J

sundaygiveaway Welcome to the very first episode of our new show called: The Sunday Giveaway! Each and every Sunday we will give away an Android phone, tablet or other cool product. To start the sunday giveaway off this week we will be giving away a Sony Xperia J Android phone. Sony Xperia J Quick Specs 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon processor 4.0″ F...

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The HTC One to be on Verizon “before July”

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one back aaThe HTC One was meant to be the one to bring HTC back. It’s a dynamic phone with awesome build quality, but fell short in a few respects. Sure, the production slowdown hurt a bit… but there was another problem. For whatever reason, the HTC One didn’t make its way to Verizon customers immediately. A phone meant to revive a slumping HTC sho...

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app DarkSense Store logo

DarkSense Store


WORK ONLY ON DARKSENSE ROMsDarkSense Store is official Store for DarkSense ROM users only. Supported Devices:HTC Sensation with DarkSense ROMHTC One (M7) with DarkSense ROMIt works and tested only on ...

app Frekuensi Radio logo

Frekuensi Radio


Pasti anda pernah menghadapi masalah apabila pergi ke tempat orang tapi tidak tahu berapa frekuensi radio kegemaran anda kan? Kini tidak lagi. Frekuensi radio adalah aplikasi ringkas untuk melihat fre...

app Walkthrough:The Last Door logo

Walkthrough:The Last Door


Walkthrough "The Last Door"It is a Walkthrough of Escape game "The Last Door".Walkthrough is easy-to-understand illustration only!You will be able to escape the room.- Escape room:...


Sony Xperia Z taking 999 snaps in a Minute

Sony is definitely looking forward to a grand comeback into the smartphone world. The determined company has definitely chosen the right device to lead the attack, The Sony Xperia Z. While other companies are in the mist of announcing or even revealing their flagship devices, Sony has already launched a preemptive strike. HTC M7/HTC One is probab...

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app APW Theme SteelBlue ICS logo

APW Theme SteelBlue ICS


==SteelBlue ICS=== by Team Carbon == APW Theme =New Sleek ICS Design, based on Modern ICS template.Transparent background with Glow edge.Beautiful ICS look.Matches all our SteelBlue themes for o...

app Embossed logo



***ROOTED HDPI DEVICES ONLY***This is a theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine built into AOSP ROMs on HDPI handsets. You must have root access and the theme chooser app on your phone in order to use thi...

app NREMT Paramedic Medications logo

NREMT Paramedic Medications


This program is a comprehensive list and overview of the drugs used by paramedics, as well as a reference of the most common home medications and their classes. If you are in paramedic school, or woul...

app Beautiful HD Widgets PRO *SALE logo

Beautiful HD Widgets PRO *S...


--== Time limited DISCOUNT==--BIGGEST collection of analog clock widgets in the store! Data partition/external SD space widgets! Battery widgets!Fits well with Jelly Bean, ICS, but works well also on ...

app CPU Manager and Saver Pro logo

CPU Manager and Saver Pro


Save Battery and manage your cpu with one application. (and free)/! Need root device /!How it's work:It save battery by blocking CPU to it minimum value when we don't need it (when the screen is OFF)n...

app MattedBlues CM10/AOKP Theme logo

MattedBlues CM10/AOKP Theme


Proudly presenting MattedBlues! For hdpi/xhdpi devices running CM9, CM10, CM10.1, AOKP, and ICS and Jelly Bean ROMs with the theme engine (NO MDPI SUPPORT). PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION & INSTRU...

app Dolphin Browser Beta logo

Dolphin Browser Beta


Thanks to Dolphin Browser Beta's canvas rendering, it’s the most sophisticated HTML5 rendering browser available and it’s Flash compatible.Dolphin Browser Beta is the highest performing HTML5 rend...

app 컴투스프로야구2013 logo



★2013년 메이저 업데이트 내역!!★- 2013년 5월 2일까지 가장 최신의 로스터 반영! 투수로테이션/타순/포지션/주전상황 등 최신 데이터 반영!!- 국가대표 ...

app TOKYO BOOT UP! 2011 CATALOG 1 logo



This App is "TOKYO BOOT UP! 2011" Official Catalog, contained 80 Japanese bands' and musicians' profiles, sample songs and music videos.Please wait a minute to start application.Partly trans...

app GOWidget DeepPurple ICS – Free logo

GOWidget DeepPurple ICS ...


*YOU MUST HAVE GOLAUNCHER + GO WIDGETS TO USE THIS*** This is a fully featured free version of our DeepPurpleICS GoWidgets Theme** ** If you like our work, please consider buying the paid version to s...

app 1-Click Flashlight Pro logo

1-Click Flashlight Pro


One click on, one click off, tiny file size. It's a PRO edition: without useless functions and internet access.Autostart after screen OFF/ON, accident battery discharge prevention (auto OFF after 7 mi...

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