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app Brainiac Puzzles and Math logo

Brainiac Puzzles and Math


Brainiac games, Mastermind (Sko?ko) and Numbermind (Moj Broj), are part of the popular quiz SLAGALICA on RTS (Radio-televizija Srbije).Mastermind is a game with signs. The goal of the game is to guess...

app TrackMath Pro logo

TrackMath Pro


Try TrackMath Lite First**Upgrades**Unlimited number of: Meets Decathletes HeptathletesUse your own team names!Show team Scores in order!Indoor and Outdoor Meets/EventsSAVES ALL DATA SO NO...

app Factored In: Tactical Math logo

Factored In: Tactical Math


A challenging game of simple arithmetic where strategy is part of the math.This is a game that requires you to perform math problems in tactical ways to maximize your score.With this game, you can imp...

app Math Fact Ball Lite logo

Math Fact Ball Lite


FactBall Lite is a math facts game that helps students review their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Based on familiar arcade games, FactBall Lite is a touch screen game tha...

app 6th Grade Math, Goals&Examples logo

6th Grade Math, Goals&E...


6th Grade Math offers incredible resources for any parents, teachers and students at school and at home. It clearly states math learning goals for any 6th graders and provides very effective examples ...

app Math01PrimeNumber logo



-= D3G =-Dad with 3 daughters Project.Teach them to find Prime Number. ถ้าสังเกตุในโปรแกรม ผมไม่ได้เอาตัวเลขทุกตัว...

app My Maths Tables logo

My Maths Tables


Multiplication tables from 1 to 20 can be viewed with audio. Facility to view any mulitplication table user wants upto number 999.Select number from gallery. Corresponding number's multiplication tabl...

app Math 2 Guide logo

Math 2 Guide


** Limited Time Special Price - Only 99c ***Those who ignore Math lose out on many well-paying future career opportunities that demand skills like problem solving, reasoning and solid decision making....

app ACT/SAT Math Booster (full) logo

ACT/SAT Math Booster (full)


**FULL VERSION** If you would like to check out our lite version with 4 free programs click here: your math score on the ACT test and SAT test by pro...

app Speed Math logo

Speed Math


"Speed Math has really helped me with my mental math!"-Kenneth Floob Sharpen your mental math skills with Speed Math! Solve each problem before you run out of time and beat your high score! ...

app Aromatherapy Company logo

Aromatherapy Company


Please download this wonderful eCommerce Android app. It is a Mobile Commerce Android app of Shirley Price. Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd is an international aromatherapy company based in Hinckley, L...

app Ninja Math logo

Ninja Math


Are you ready to do math like a Ninja? Test your skills and level up to become powerful in mind and in body. This application is made for anyone looking to practice their basic math skills and have ...

app Mana Math logo

Mana Math


Mana Math is a rough manabase estimation tool for Magic: The Gathering. It is a very basic application which I wrote for personal use (I uploaded it free by request). Take calculations with a grain of...

app Speed Math Trainer logo

Speed Math Trainer


See how you score in basic math in less than 1 minute and start improving immediately! If you are weak in math skills, you will have a boost. If you are already strong in math, you'll GET STRONGER! A ...

app MATH MOLE HD logo



MATH-MOLE HD: (for 10.1 screen tablets) An educational game to help improve mental arithmetic the fun way! Look out! Moles have invaded Tuba...

app Korean math formulas logo

Korean math formulas


This app contains 196 korean high school math formulas.It will be good for students who is studying abroad from koreas. Let's study hard and make dream come true....

app Rumi Poetry-Mathnawi Volume 1 logo

Rumi Poetry-Mathnawi Volume...


For lovers of poetry, literature and spirituality.The Mathnawi or Masnavi is the great masterpiece of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi. The title Masnavi-I Ma...

app Math Game logo

Math Game


Multiple choice math games. Personally, I'm very very didn't well meth. interlude of using mind-Try feeling the pressure. I feel more math skills is growing up rapidly. 1. There are three levels. Ste...

app DroidoMaths Seconde logo

DroidoMaths Seconde


DroidoMaths Seconde est une compilation de résumés de cours de mathématiques, niveau seconde. L'équivalent des classiques "fiches mémo" de maths, mais en beaucoup plus pratique ! Théor...

app Virtual SAT Tutor – Math logo

Virtual SAT Tutor – M...


This FREE version of your Virtual Tutor App features over 75 different advanced SAT math problems that have been modeled after actual SAT tests. Solutions are included so you can improve your skills!...




Have you ever been embarrassed when you can't answer simple math questions? We have . That...

app Hex Math Flashcards logo

Hex Math Flashcards


Learn simple hexadecimal addition and subtraction using the flashcard method.Tap the problem to move between problems and solutions.Tap the addition and subtraction buttons to switch between modes....

app 10×10 Math Drill logo

10×10 Math Drill



app 10×10 Math Drill logo

10×10 Math Drill



app Every Day Math (En) logo

Every Day Math (En)


This is a software to do math that's used daily. Currently, this software includes popular unit conversions such as length/distance units, weight/mass units, area units, capacity/volume units and temp...

app Math Sticks logo

Math Sticks


Math Sticks is a simple math puzzle game. An incorrect arithmetic expression, say, 3+5 = 4 made of sticks is displayed just like in an electronic calculator. You are required to move one or more stick...

app One Step Maths logo

One Step Maths


**Please install the new 'One Step Maths Updated' for the devices having android version >=4.0****This version will not work for devices having android version >=4.0**This interesting math puzzl...

app Math For Kids (demo) logo

Math For Kids (demo)


Download full version of the program:1) More settings 2) Operations with digits 0 to 20Help your preschool and early elementary school children learn their numbers and master basic arithmetic skills w...

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