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Google Maps for Mobile 5.0 for Android Phones, Now with 3D Map Views

Google has just released an update of its Maps for Mobile Android app boasting of two major new features - 3D interaction and offline reliability. The new version of this said Android app aims to change a couple of things which were not addressed  by previous updates to the app - particularly the flat, north-up map and the need for strong Internet...

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Nimbuzz Android App Brings HD Voice Call to Android Phones

Enough of HD video playback on smartphones. Most flagship phones, including Android phones are capable of this anyway. But what most smartphones are not capable of doing is enabling of HD voice quality. For Android phones, that has become a reality via the Android app Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz is not really a new Android app. It has been around for quite s...

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Smartphone Coasters for Android Phones, Anyone?

Why bother spending too much for those expensive Android phone stands, when you can have one for just $3.95? Even better, you can use it for any Android phones and not just limited to the one you currently have. Cool, right? We're referring of course to the Smartphone Coasters. If there's a saying that says simple is cool, well this smartphone coa...

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Giftmeister Location-Based Shopping App Available Now for Android Phones

With so many great holiday shopping deals happening in the coming days, especially on Thanksgiving Day and the usual Black Friday Deals, finding the right electronic products to give as a gift to someone special in your life may become a daunting task. Hence you need a great and useful shopping assistant. For your Android phone, one service that yo...

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app CPU tuner (Rooted phones) logo

CPU tuner (Rooted phones)


CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your android device.Its prime purpose is to be a battery saver and to save as much battery as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the...


Google Instant Makes Searching Faster on Android Phones

Google has just made its latest search product feature - Google Instant available for Android devices in the U.S. In case you're not aware, Google Instant which was introduced recently makes searching on faster by suggesting search results, well in an instant. What makes this search feature different from other search suggestion feature ...

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app Plug Headphones Pro logo

Plug Headphones Pro


Plug Headphones automatically starts your preferred music app whenever you connect your headphones. It supports any wired headphones you connect to the phone headphones socket, and also supports Bluet...

app Gestures Phones (Lite) logo

Gestures Phones (Lite)


Gestures Phone-Lite 2:Drawing on the Phone screen to call.System features include:1. New gestures can be synchronized with the contacts2. Search / delete gesture data3. Through gestures to callvincent...

app Balance BY [balances, phones] logo

Balance BY [balances, phone...


Automatic checking account balance of mobile network operators and Internet service providers. Balances: money, preferential minutes, traffic. Widgets: 1x1, 2x1.Updates: manual, timer, scheduled, outg...


Sprint Starts Selling the Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform Android Phones

If you're planning to get into the Android fever and looking for an affordable handset, you might want to check out Sprint which just released two new very affordable Android phones. These Android phones are the Sanyo Zio and Samsung Tranform which are available for $199 and $99 respectively. The price comes with a 2-year service agreement and afte...

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app CNBC Real-Time for Phones logo

CNBC Real-Time for Phones


Stay on top of the markets with CNBC Real-Time...


HTC Also Launches the Desire HD and Desire Z Android 2.2 Phones

Aside from LG which announced two of its new flagship Android 2.2 smartphones, HTC also just unveiled two of its upcoming offerings - the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. Both smartphones will be released sometime next month running Google Android 2.2 Froyo and will also come with a new HTC Sense experience with full access to a new HTC online servi...

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LG Launches the Optimus One and Optimus Chic Android 2.2 Smartphones

If Samsung has fascinated us with the recently released Samsung Fascinate running on Android 2.2, LG is not going to take this just sitting down. And so LG Korea has just officially launched not just one but two new Android 2.2 smartphones - the LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic. With Android 2.2, both LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic earned ...

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Bing Mobile Android App Lands On Verizon Phones

Bing Mobile Android App Lands On Verizon Phones Honestly, I don't really understand why Microsoft released its Bing Mobile Android app only for Android phones from Verizon Wireless. Even the post announcing the release of the Bing Mobile Android app did not explain the reason behind the exclusivity of the Bing Mobile app for Verizon Wireless Android phones. Anyway, if you're among the owners of ...

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app Mirror for Samsung Phones PRO logo

Mirror for Samsung Phones P...


IMPORTANT:-for Samsung phones with secondary camera only!-please try FREE VERSION FIRST (Mirror for Samsung Phones or Mirror for Samsung Galaxy S)This app uses your phone's secondary camera to show yo...


Google Brings the Ocean to Android Phones with Google Earth 1.1

Google Brings the Ocean to Android Phones with Google Earth 1.1 Google has just released the new version of  its Google Earth 1.1 Android app. In case you have not used this app yet on your iPhone, it brings the same features as the Google Earth desktop app to your Android phone. Whereas before, the app only lets you view land mass and topography, now with the new version, Google Earth also lets you explore th...

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Google Just Made Android Phones Cooler with Voice Actions for Android

Google Just Made Android Phones Cooler with Voice Actions for Android Well, that was fast and cool, Google just rolled out a new Android feature that will change the way we all use our Android phones for various actions. The new feature called Voice Actions for Android which you can guess by its name enables you to control your phone using, well - spoken commands. Voice Actions for Android lets you call businesse...

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app TouchDown for Smartphones logo

TouchDown for Smartphones


User Guide : Fixes the crashes you experience when pressing the > button Much improved conversation view when you swipe right to left on an emailIf you are on an android ...

app SlingPlayer for Phones logo

SlingPlayer for Phones


With a Slingbox at home, enjoy your live or recorded TV on your Android phone over a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. If you own a Slingbox (or if you...

app SmsWidPro – For all Phones logo

SmsWidPro – For all P...


** ITS FREE NOW ***1. Quick call2. Quick reply3. Quick delete4. Quick Navigation5. Auto Keypad unlock 6. Auto keypad lock after 10 seconds.7. Tap message to view full8. Quick Add Contacts tap on Andro...

app Locale Headphones Plug-in logo

Locale Headphones Plug-in


With Locale and the Headphones Plug-in Condition, your phone can automatically perform actions based on whether wired headphones are connected.Change the volume! Launch your MP3 Player or Pandora wit...

app WCPT Phones DB (English) logo

WCPT Phones DB (English)


This app contains phones database for WorldCallPlaceAndTime (download link right in the app)English base translationNew: huge USA updateLAUNCH IT ONCE AFTER INSTALLATION OR UPDATE. The DB will be copi...

app WCPT Phones DB (Russian) logo

WCPT Phones DB (Russian)


This app contains phones database for WorldCallPlaceAndTime (download link right in the app)Russian base translationNew: huge USA updateLAUNCH IT ONCE AFTER INSTALLATION OR UPDATE. The DB will be copi...


200,000 Android Phones are Sold Daily

Nevermind if their Nexus One didn't quite live up to Google's expectations. This would not stop Google's CEO Eric Schmidt from feeling happy from the fact that their Android OS which is powering several smartphones in the market is catapulting the sales of these handsets. In fact, according to Mr. Schmidt, there are now around 200,000 Android pho...

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Android Phones Beat iPhone Sales in the U.S., As Worldwide Sales Continue to Soar

Two interesting report about the state of the mobile phone industry have just been released both showing significant growth in the sales of Android phones. Nielsen's report on the past quarter's mobile phone performance shows that sales of Android phones for the last six months have finally overtaken that of the iPhone. While Canalys' research sh...

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Rogers Reduced cost of many Android Phones

To all you out there unfamiliar with our Canadian brethren (eh?) Rogers is the big honcho cell phone carrier up there. The prices still reflect getting the phone after agreeing to a contract but as I always say, it is what it is.  The price cuts include phones such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the Acer Liquid E, and the Motorola Quench. The ...

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Samsung Sells 300,000 Galaxy S Smartphones In South Korea

In just 19 short days, Samsung has sold 300,000 Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in South Korea, which is an impressive achievement. The major rival of the Galaxy S smartphone is the Apple iPhone 4, which continues to outsell the Android device, but the race is tightening. It is important to note when Samsung introduces the Galaxy S phone in the Uni...

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LG to Release 10 New Android Phones, Android Tablet

Somewhere in South Korea, LG just made a splash in the mobile news scene by announcing that it plans to release not just one but 10 new Android-powered smartphones. LG has launched its new Optimus series of smartphones. In addition, LG will also launch a new Android-powered tablets which could possibly go up against the Apple iPad. Let's see now, ...

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