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Google releases Chrome for Android beta channel with all the new features and bugs

Google today has released a new version of its Chrome for Android app. Yes it's Google's mobile web browser which is currently available as a full-featured app on Google Play. However, this new version is a separate app and is labeled as Chrome Beta Android app. That's right, this is similar to Chrome for desktop beta channel. With that, Chrome ...

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Xperia Z finally announced by Sony at CES

After being subjected to many leaks and unofficial spec sheets, the long awaited Xperia Z finally gets an official unveiling. At the CES 2013 press conference this afternoon, Sony announced its latest flagship phone which is aiming to dominate the early quarter of this year. Coming with a big impressive screen the Xperia Z is indeed a thing to be...

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ZTE Nubia Z5 – a power punch at low cost

Few weeks before a major leak occurred regarding the latest device from ZTE, the ZTE Nubia Z5. The leak spilled many beans and almost gave everything away correctly. We were a bit skeptical of the leaked information not because of its nature but of its content. The ZTE Nubia was packing some serious heat under its beautiful hood. Today’s offic...

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Sony Xperia Yuga makes a cameo in Russia

The hotly anticipated Sony Xperia Yuga has seen numerous leaks over the last few months. And there are some really big rumors surrounding the device too. Said to be supporting a 1080p HD screen the behemoth of a phone will also have the top most internal specs too. The trend is relatively new and is catching up fast in the high end devices; from Op...

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The Oppo Find 5 – A 1080p Phone

Oppo, a relatively lesser known company has decided to step up and shine, and boy it is indeed shining. The latest flagship phone from the Chinese manufacturer was previously released in Beijing; it presents the customers with everything they would want in a top end smartphone. The device Oppo Find 5 is a smartphone which houses the latest and grea...

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Yotaphone – The Two Faced Smartphone

yodaphone android We certainly have seen our fair share of phones with two displays, yet the Yotaphone has something unique going on for it. For one the device is running on Android operating system. Secondly the main screen is an LCD one and the secondary is an e-inked display. You might be wondering about the manufacturer of this wonderful sounding device, well ...

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Nexus 4 goes Back on Sale Today at Noon on Google Play

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know about the Nexus 4 and how quickly it sold out. If you live in the U.S. you’re in luck as the Nexus 4 will go back on sale today at Noon PST. The Nexus 4 was unleashed upon the world not long ago on November 13, and unless you we’re lucky you probably weren’t able to pick on up. The ...

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Google Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 are now available for Purchase on Google Play

Unless you reside under a rock you probably know that the Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet make their debut today. Europe and Australia got to place their preorders last night (lucky them), but the wait is over for those of us in the United States as pre-orders have just gone live. In case you’re on the fence about the new devices we’ll tak...

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app SlayBugs logo



Your favorite bugs are available on your mobile now. Click on the bugs and take more points! Don`t miss a single! Enjoy enthralling 3D game!Description? Free full version? 10 levels? 4 bonus types? 3D...

app UCS AR logo



This App requires you to print out some markers.UCS AR is a tech demo which uses a free and open source software package called UCS (Unified Coordinate System) to increase the playfield size of an Aug...

app AR東北ずん子ちゃん logo




app Desperados Red logo

Desperados Red


Expand your reality with the application served by Desperados Red. Learn about the options in your smartphone or tablet that you haven’t discovered thus far. Just direct your video camera at the adv...


AT&T Chimes In With Its Samsung Galaxy S III, 16GB Model Pre-Orders Begin June 6

While many of the other major American carriers have already announced their pre-order specials (or launch dates) for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, AT&T has been noticeably quiet.  However, all that changed recently as the second largest American carrier revealed that it will be hosting a pre-order sale for the Galaxy S III starting June ...

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Unofficial Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Tests Reveal Promising Results

One of the pressing concerns of many smartphone buyers is not only will it be upgraded to the latest software in the future, but how does its battery fare under real world conditions?  The Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely a great phone on paper, but can it be separated from its charger for more than a couple of hours when using LTE and running...

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HTC One X is headed to AT &T on May 6th for $199

The phone wars are heating up and today we finally gotten some solid information about one of this year’s new super phones the HTC One X. AT&T customers will be able to pick up the HTC One X on May 6th, but pre-orders will start on April 22nd. The HTC One X AT&T is getting is actually the HTC Once XL which touts a dual-core S4 from ...

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app San Diego Chargers Theme logo

San Diego Chargers Theme


Turn your phone into your own Qualcomm Stadium, and wear your team spirit on the go. Flash that famous lightning bolt every time you use your phone. Do your team proud by showing your true electric bl...

app 3D Pool game – 3ILLIARDS logo

3D Pool game – 3ILLIA...


The best looking mobile billiards game is here!3ILLIARDS is three games in one, play 9-ball, 8-ball and snooker in single-player, multi-player or versus CPU!It features excellent HD-quality 3D graphic...

app 3D Pool game – 3ILLIARDS Free logo

3D Pool game – 3ILLIA...


The best looking mobile billiards game is here!3ILLIARDS is three games in one, play 9-ball, 8-ball and snooker in single-player, multi-player or versus CPU!It features excellent HD-quality 3D graphic...

app Q-Care 고혈압 당뇨병 자가관리서비스 logo

Q-Care 고혈압 당뇨병 ...


고혈압/당뇨병 만성질환자를 위한 자가관리 서비스입니다. Q-Care 어플리케이션은 경기도, 질병관리본부, KT, 퀄컴이 함께 협력하여 만든 서비스입니다. ...

app クイック設定++ logo



quick settings に 日本語リソースを付加しました。また、初期に表示されるオプションが増えています。不必要なものはカスタマイズで消してください...


Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor Confirmed In Samsung Galaxy S III

Pretty much every week, another aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S III gets rumored adding to the hype of the forthcoming device.  For instance, just yesterday we saw a purported image of the Galaxy S III leak. The first two iterations of the Galaxy S have been successful, and there are high stakes for Samsung to deliver another impeccable device. ...

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ASUS shows off the Padfone and Pad Infinity 700 at MWC 2012

As MWC 2012 gets underway the news is rolling in, and ASUS has finally shown of some tablets a lot of us have been waiting to see. Asus finally let people get hands-on with two new devices in the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 series and the ASUS Padphone. The Pad Infinity is essentially the same tablet that ASUS showed off as the TF700 during...

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Top 10 Android Games of the Week – January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 is in the books, and while it was a pretty slow week for games we did get a few good ones. This week gamers were able to fire hamsters from cannons, control robots, crush diamonds, and take on tanks with wizards among other crazy tasks.  Without further ado, here are our Top picks for the week of January 8th, 2012... ...

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HTC Likely to Save the Big Guns for MWC 2012

With CES 2012 right around the corner, many of us are anxiously awaiting the debut of heavy hitting quad-core powered smartphones and tablets.  However, it looks like one well known manufacturer may wait until Mobile World Congress in February to unleash their quad-core machines. HTC is expected to be relatively quiet this CES in terms of which...

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app Adımsayar logo



Yeni!: Adımsayar uygulaması Qualcomm tarafından düzenlenen Mobil İş Fikri yarışmasında ikincilik ödülü kazandı. Adimsayar gün içerisinde attığınız adımları sayar. Bunun için tele...

app Christmas Tale: kids Storybook logo

Christmas Tale: kids Storyb...


A Christmas Tale Comes Alive in A Spectacular Interactive Storybook! Packed with coloring pages, puzzles and many more fantastic activities! A Revolutionary Reading Experience for Christmas & the ...

app kTool logo



/! Requires Root /!/! Works (only!) on the following devices: > Galaxy S2 > Galaxy Note > Galaxy Nexus > Galaxy S3 (International I9300 - *NOT* US variants)!!! Qualcomm based US variants (...

app ONB 90 logo

ONB 90


The Bucharest National Opera is one of the most prestigious lyrical theaters in Romania.ONB 90 is the official application of the Bucharest National Opera's 90th anniversary. ONB 90 uses Augmented Rea...

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