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app Letras de Rata Blanca logo

Letras de Rata Blanca


Las letras de Rata Blanca. La mas completa información disponible en Google Play. Esta aplicación le permite acceder a todo lo relacionado con Rata Blanca: - Sus letras (presentadas lega...

app Pearl Jam lyrics logo

Pearl Jam lyrics


Pearl Jam lyrics. The most complete information available on Google Play. Access to everything with this App:- Lyrics (from LyricWiki site)- Wikipedia information- Latest news (from Google News)- Link...


The Top New Android Games of the Week – March 11, 2013

So many games, so little time. This week’s edition of the Top New Android Games of the Week is full of great games and it was quite the task to trim it down to only 10. There’s definitely a little something for everyone this week with games including dog loving sharks, pixely warriors, and two buff brothers with a love of guns. Without furthe...

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app Crazy Survival Tips 2 logo

Crazy Survival Tips 2


Test your knowledge or just sit back and watch the videos as they answer some of the craziest survival questions ever. Here are some sample questions from the application: How to avoid getting hit by ...

app NBA NFL NHL MLB Team Name Quiz logo

NBA NFL NHL MLB Team Name Q...


How well do you know the names of the teams competing in the leagues: NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB?How fast are you?Check how good are you in the sport, and compare your score with others in the online ranki...

app Characters Folder logo

Characters Folder


Cats, dogs, frogs, squirrels, sharks are characters.Characters folder of the application, telephone number and bookmarkEffectively manage Application, telephone number,bookmarks in a folder to a maxim...

app Wild Surf – Paradise Island logo

Wild Surf – Paradise ...


You are a few taps away from your next dream vacation. It's an endless summer here in Paradise Island with year-round sun and great surf everyday. Grab your favorite surfboard and catch some waves. Ju...

app Magic Coral logo

Magic Coral


Swim your fish through the the coral filled ocean and gather magic coral to help free your fish friends in MAGIC CORAL! Smash through obstacles with upgrades or swim as your favorite sea creature. Wat...

app Animals Photo logo

Animals Photo


Beautifull animals high deffinition photo collection. More than 200 animals images: dogs, cats, lions, giraffes, elephants, tigers, rabbits, lizards, horses, pumas, dolphins, sharks, turtle, beavers, ...

app Tilt Penguin logo

Tilt Penguin


In Tilt Penguin, you tilt-to-control a cute Penguin through the environment to collect as many gems as you can before getting caught by enemys or challenging obstacles.Make your way past Sharks, bombs...

app Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman logo

Stickb Fish Shooter Stickma...


Stickb Stickman needs to shoot as many fish as possible to survive his island adventure. Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter is a 3rd-person shooter game for all ages with fun graphics, tropical music, and ...

app Fish Mania Free logo

Fish Mania Free


Here you are with the newly arrived exciting casual game Fish Mania. Welcome to this aquarium world. Lots of choices to make your own marine museum by growing, selling and breeding them into your wond...




GREAT WHITE SHARK Wallpaper - beautiful GREAT WHITE SHARK picturesTurn your phone into a magical window and bring some GREAT WHITE SHARK pictures into your Android device with GREAT WHITE SHARK Wallpa...

app Mouse Smasher logo

Mouse Smasher


Hey!Welcome to Mouse Smasher aka Cheese Defenseit's not a ant,bug,fly,zombies ,walking plants nor a angry meme rage trollface mouth it an fast like mouse of bouncy or a flying birds our angry mouse.Th...

app Characters Folder Lite logo

Characters Folder Lite


Cats, dogs, frogs, squirrels, sharks are characters.Characters folder of the application, telephone number and bookmarkEffectively manage Application, telephone number,bookmarks in a folder to a maxim...

app FVD Ad-Free logo

FVD Ad-Free


! YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED DUE TO THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE !- More than 10 million downloads- TOP 50 Android tools- More than 40 million videos dowloaded- Translated in more than 10 languagesFVD is an u...

app Turtle Run logo

Turtle Run


The most warming reviews we've got for Turtle Run (thanks so much!!):"If there is magic in the world, Turtle Run brought it to the small screen" Helen, MO"The most beautiful song I've s...


Eat Fish, People, and Airplanes in Harebrained Studios Jaws Revenge for Android

In 1975 Jaws made people a little leery about getting into the ocean, and thanks to Jaws Revenge from Fuse Powered you’ll get to see how the other half lives. Jaws Revenge lets you play as Jaws himself and allows you to tear ass through the water and gobble things up. Jaws Revenge is all about eating and as the shark you’re going to get to c...

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app Ocean HD logo

Ocean HD


Dive down and immerse yourself in your own underwater world every time you use your device.Explore the pristine waters of a deep ocean environment teeming with exotic sea life. Discover a sunken ship...

app Texas Holdem Poker logo

Texas Holdem Poker


Texas Holdem Poker is the world's favorite online poker game. It attracted 20 thousands of fans worldwide. There are small, medium and large tables, depending on your bankroll. It doesn't really matte...

app Doraemon Fishing 2S logo

Doraemon Fishing 2S


Doraemon Fishing 2S shows you a simple new way to go FISHING & PHYSICS-BASED FLICKING on your Android phones with Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka and Pisu.??? The game that reached top #1 Free iOS App in ma...


Google Play 25 Billion Downloads Sale – Day 2

As we mentioned yesterday, Google Play hit 25 Billion downloads and Google is throwing a little celebration to show their appreciation. Today is the second day of the 25 Billion .25 cent sale, and as promised Google changed things up by adding some new games to the sale. The games up for grabs in sale today are Cut the Rope: Experiments, World o...

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Top 10 Gameloft Android Games

Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, and for awhile now we’ve been meaning to do a few lists for a few of the Top developers to highlight their best Android Games. Well, we’re going to start today and first up is the gaming giant known as Gameloft. In my time dealing with Android games I’ve watched Gameloft grow from a knock-off dev that p...

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app Block Story Lite logo

Block Story Lite


Block Story combines a mineable blocky world pioneered by Infiniminer and made popular by Minecraft with exciting and addictive role playing.Build anything you can imagine, fight monsters, become st...

app Hockey Goal Horns logo

Hockey Goal Horns


? Listen to high quality goal horns of every NHL hockey team!? Listen to pro hockey games live directly on your Android device!!? Enjoy a complete schedule of all NHL hockey games!Enjoy goal horns and...

app VGB – GameBoy (GBC) Emulator logo

VGB – GameBoy (GBC) E...


VGB is a Nintendo GameBoy emulator. It runs Nintendo GameBoy Classic (GB), Nintendo GameBoy Color (GBC), and Super GameBoy (SGB) games on your Android phone or tablet. VGB also supports the GameBoy Pr...

app Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club logo

Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Clu...


J,J, Rotelli, the local butcher, and Duke Hogan, the local singing plumber help Nickel Nose Jones dig a tunnel, from his used car lot, under the Cedar Lake State Bank next door. The trio need the mone...

app Air Jordan Retro 5 Theme logo

Air Jordan Retro 5 Theme


Use with PandaHome(more customizable and better results), or aHome. The Air Jordan V (5) was released in 1990. The design is rumoured to be inspired by the WW2 Mustang fighter plane and the most obvio...

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