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app Blue Skies Helicopter Shooter logo

Blue Skies Helicopter Shoot...


BLUE SKIES AIR FORCE ACADEMYThe award winning original multidirectional helicopter shooter is now available on Android! STORYYou are a new recruit at the elite Blue Skies Air Force Academy. Master Se...

app Zeus – Lightning Shooter Pro logo

Zeus – Lightning Shoo...


Badges, Abilites, Potions, Energy, New Map, and many other goodies! :) 5000 Gratis Energy for Pro users!Zeus is a top-down action game (like gta), putting you in the position of a God having a really ...

app ShooterL logo



It is the live wall paper which a laser fires by screen consecutive touches.If an enemy increases to a screen too much, let's defeat all enemies with a laser....

app The Shooter Man logo

The Shooter Man


You are the shooter man, try to kill your enemies. Watch out the trigger is very sensitive... Prepare your position for shooting and good luck.1.Game Mode "CountDown" try to kill as many a...

app SonicShooter logo



SonicShooter is a toy laser shooter.Shake the phone horizontally - cosmic shooting sounds are heard.Shake the phone vertically to change the sound.v1.0(code1)- Initial release.v1.1(code2)- added advat...

app Alien Shooter logo

Alien Shooter


Shoot the aliens with tanker by touching at the bottom of the screen.Aliens when attach human tanker and human tanker has 9 lives. Kill as many aliens as possible before lives expires. Fuel decreases ...

app LiveShooter logo



This LiveWallpaper is fire a missile by a screen touch. please enjoy it....

app Shooter’s calculator logo

Shooter’s calculator


Unit conversions and calculations for shooters and reloaders. Conversions - unit to unit:* Weight: grams grains ounces pounds* Speed: mps fps* Dimensions: mm cm m in ft ydCalculations:* Bullet energy ...

app GeoShooter logo



This is a multiplayer geoshooter game.Use the compass in your device to aim at your opponents. Select your weapon loadout, hold your device in a good launch angle and click the shoot button. You have ...

app 360 Carnival Shooter FREE logo

360 Carnival Shooter FREE


Step right up! 360 Carnival Shooter in 3D! Fast paced action in 6 different environments in 360 degrees of action. We got all the crazies, Mad Clowns, Monkeys, Tikis, Space Aliens, Natives, Ferris Whe...

app 360 Carnival Shooter logo

360 Carnival Shooter


Release Limited Time Sale!Step right up! 360 Carnival Shooter in 3D! Fast paced action in 6 different environments in 360 degrees of action. We got all the crazies, Mad Clowns, Monkeys, Tikis, Space A...

app Basketball Shooter Stats logo

Basketball Shooter Stats


Basketball Shooter Stats allows you keep up with shooting stats per game. This app was designed to keep up with only one player's shooting stats. To make the app easier to use and all data on one sc...

app Tumbler Shooter logo

Tumbler Shooter


Early development shooter game.Just slide the tumblers.Developed using processing....

app Aqua Bubble Shooter 1 logo

Aqua Bubble Shooter 1


Aqua Bubble Shooter 1 game is for Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The game comes with 2 levels...

app Aqua Bubble Shooter Lite logo

Aqua Bubble Shooter Lite


Aqua Bubble Shooter Lite version comes with 2 levels. This game used cocos2d library, which makes the game more attractive, more interactive and more interesting....

app StarShooter Lite logo

StarShooter Lite


StarShooter is a Shoot 'em up game, send your comments."This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen."Ships rendered with Maya 3D.Four levels...

app Aircraft Shooter logo

Aircraft Shooter


An addictive easy-to-play and fun game for the casual gamer. Use your Anti-aircraft gun to shoot down helicopters before they release their bombs. Tablet ready....

app Desktop Shooter logo

Desktop Shooter


Desktop Shooter :You can shoot you desktop of phone.Or load image from gallery and shoot they.Or photo somebody and shooth them.and then set this image as wallpaper :)...

app Sperm Shooter logo

Sperm Shooter


A funny casual game of sperms and eggs.An army of sperms are swimming to reach the egg. Your taskis to stop them. Aim properly and blast them with spermicide before its too late. Installs on external ...

app Free Shooter logo

Free Shooter


Hi guys this is my first 2d game using unity and some bought prefabs, please add any comments and tips here. Use the acellerometer to control the spaceship and touch for firing....

app 2D Space Shooter logo

2D Space Shooter


Nice 2d space shooter game using the acelerometer for navigation and touch for laser and missile shoot. Avoid the other spaceships that will shoot at you....

app Shooter BT Plugin for Kestrel logo

Shooter BT Plugin for Kestr...


Plugin for the Shooter ballistics app.Allows you to load atmospheric values from your Bluetooth-enabled Kestrel device into Shooter.Access this plugin by pressing your device's Menu button on the shot...

app Computer Troubleshooter logo

Computer Troubleshooter


Computer Troubleshooter compiles the most common PC problems and suggests ways to fix them. Divided into three sections, it's the place to turn when you need a quick reference guide--or professional h...

app Santa Shooter logo

Santa Shooter


A fusion of a basketball and shooting game.You will help santa to load gifts. (Not carry but shoot gifts.)You should shoot gifts into santa's sleigh !!Cheerful christmas carols are included.Simple and...

app Monsters Shooter logo

Monsters Shooter


An addictive "Shoot Em All" arcade game. Guide the fearless man through the horror land of evil monsters! Kill em all or they will kill you!...

app Monsters Shooter LITE logo

Monsters Shooter LITE


An addictive "Shoot Em All" arcade game. Guide the fearless man through the horror land of evil monsters! Kill em all or they will kill you!...

app AGENT:SHOOTER (AD-Free) logo



AGENT:SHOOTER is a tap-to-shoot first person shooter, with heart racing music, 105 challenges, and incredibly intense action. Tap the targets to fire your weapon but don't be fooled, it's not as easy ...

app ARShooter logo



Real shooting game that used camera.The operation may be difficult because it actually takes a sight by moving the camera.It appears as a monster if an actual person is taken with the camera.You can c...

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