Hands On: Twitter for Android – PC Magazine

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TechTremor.com (blog)Hands On: Twitter for AndroidPC MagazineThe Twitter for Android app may not unseat other apps already popular and in use on Android phones, but it does provide an alternative [...]

Secure Your Android Phone – Washington Post

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UberGizmo (blog)Secure Your Android PhoneWashington PostWhether you paid $500 for your Android phone or got it for a pittance with your new cellular contract, it's a good bet that the data [...]

Droid Incredible Review


HTC Droid Incredible The new HTC Droid Incredible has finally been released. In the U.S., it is a top-of-the-line smartphone offered on the Verizon network. Incredible is both the name of the [...]

Android: Motorola's Salvation – PC World

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Product Reviews (blog)Android: Motorola's SalvationPC WorldPut simply, it was Google's Android operating system. The New York Times has an excellent article, "How the Destinies of [...]

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