Fine tune your reflexes and measure the strength (acceleration) of your punch, karate, and boxing moves. Tracks maximum value as a goal for continuous improvement. Also measures reaction time to [...]



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Gift List


This application tracks holiday and year-round gifts. You register people and events then update with what you purchased. There are reports to track what’s left to buy. Great App for [...]



The Round Timer is a fully functional round/sparring timer that allows you to customize the length of the rounds, warning bell and resting period. The Round Timer is great for any sparring or [...]

Round One Timer


Professional style boxing round counter.Simple and effective application for interval training. Rounds are counted as 3 min and rest time is 1 min with 10 second warning on both.- Options to [...]

Motorola Droid X Arrives Early?

By In

It seems a few lucky people in Texas received the Motorola Droid X a whole nine days before the scheduled launch date. Since Verizon did not allow pre-orders on the Motorola Droid X, it’s [...]

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