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app Thecus Dashboard logo

Thecus Dashboard


The Thecus Dashboard is a NAS dashboard for the Android. It enables an administrator to be free to monitor and manage a Thecus NAS anytime and anywhere. This app is designed for a Thecus NAS administr...

app UFScontrol logo



App zur Fernsteuerung eines KATHREIN Receivers über WLAN.Merkmale:- Fernsteuerung des Receivers über WLAN oder Internet- elektronische Programmzeitschrift- Aufnahmenprogrammierung und Archiv...

app RAS Mobile logo

RAS Mobile


- RAS Mobile allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere.- Featured GridView for multiple cameras- Featured DashBoard for connection status- Featu...

app Androne Freeflight.AR logo

Androne Freeflight.AR


Please Read completely!Kosta, please read below!This is a very early stadium Pre-Release of our fully JAVA-Based Freeflight App for your Parrot AR.Drone.The advantage of our App in comparison to other...

app c:geo ~ Anleitung (de) logo

c:geo ~ Anleitung (de)


Deutsches Handbuch für das Geocaching-Programm c:geo. Das Handbuch ist gerade auch ideal für unterwegs, denn nach der Installation ist kein Netz mehr nötig.Unterstützt app2sd und w...

app Streak LED Notification logo

Streak LED Notification


THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON THE DELL STREAK!!!(or any other phone that has 3 independent LEDs at the bottom) ****** ROOT ACCESS AND CUSTOM FIRMWARE ARE VITAL! APP WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT! ******Please be ...

app BTmono – Premium logo

BTmono – Premium


Everybody: Please don't buy the app under the assumption that a future update will make it work. If it doesn't work now, it's an issue with your handset's firmware that is almost certainly not fixabl...

app WebAccess A logo

WebAccess A


WebAccess for Buffalo’s LinkStation/TeraStation. Enjoy your content on the go!Give your Android™ device access to terabytes of photos, videos, music and data files easily from your Buffalo LinkSta...

app Guess My Number PRO! logo

Guess My Number PRO!


A nice number guess game where you have 8 guesses to guess a number between 1 - 100!!If you have any ideas to make this game better feel free to write it in the comments!~More updates to come!~ --Tes...

app AndroCorder logo



<div id="doc-original-text">AndroCorder permits to record voice message and phone call on your SD card. All details are available on <a href="

app PS3 Brew Light logo

PS3 Brew Light


-----WORKS ON PS3 3.41/3.55 FIRMWARE------This is a light version of PS3 Brew it has limited homebrew and is locked out of the Jailbreaker and CFW Installer. If you want the full list of homebrew buy ...

app Shutdown Timer Full logo

Shutdown Timer Full


*Developed and tested on Cyanogenmod 7 firmware**Other firmwares may also work**Requires root*Schedule your device to shutdown / reboot / hot reboot / switch into Flight mode at a certain time.Just se...

app LED(Lamp) logo



*** ATTENTION: this software works only with dedicated LEDLamp (led lamp) hardware ***Start your lighting system using arduino, in our site you will find all the information!!

app BTmono logo



Everybody: Please don't buy the app under the assumption that a future update will make it work. If it doesn't work now, it's an issue with your handset's firmware that is almost certainly not fixabl...

app Intelligent Keylock Unlocker logo

Intelligent Keylock Unlocke...


If enabled, the Intelligent Keylock Unlocker unlocks your lock screen automatically if the proximity sensor does not register any object closer than a few centimeters to it. In that way, you don't nee...

app NOOK color power button DONATE logo

NOOK color power button DON...


*** FOR ROOTED NOOKcolor USERS ONLY! ***(Running Eclair (stock), Froyo (2.2), and CM7 (2.3, Gingerbread))*** UPDATE: If sleep isn't working, be sure you configure the sleep fix when you add the widget...

app LG MyData logo

LG MyData


*** Please install the latest NAS firmware first to use full function of MyData 2.0 ***Introducing the LG NAS Smartphone AppThe new LG NAS Smartphone App allows for seamless streaming of all your favo...

app Check Fus Pro logo

Check Fus Pro


!! This tool no longer work due to changes from Samsung. A solution is being worked on! !!Use this tool to check if there's a new firmware update for any Samsung Device. Without having to start Kies!*...

app QGetMobile logo



*** Please do not write problem reports in the comments of the Android Market, send me a mail to ! I can't help you if you only write there... ***Ever wanted to download a file on your A...

app Slatedroid App Legacy logo

Slatedroid App Legacy


This version for Android 2.1 and lowerKeep up to date with with direct Wiki, Twitter, Homepage, and Forum Access all from a single icon, no more typing long addresses, or looking for th...

app c:geo ~ Manual (en) logo

c:geo ~ Manual (en)


English manual for the ready-to-go geocaching client c:geo. This manual is ideal for offline use as it does not require any network connection after installation.Supports app2sd and prefers to be inst...

app SGS Unlock PRO (NEEDS ROOT) logo



SO FAR THE SGS2 IS NOT SUPPORTED.IF THE APP DOESN'T WORK E-MAIL ME BEFORE LEAVING BAD COMMENTS!!!PRO Version requires Root. After you unlock your phone please leave a comment.If you don't have root pl...

app iRome logo



iRome is an unique project that combines the original idea of the game world, excellent graphics and the rethinking of the classical canons of the Tower Defense game genre. In the role of commander yo...

app Yamaha RX-Z7/RX-V3900 Remote logo

Yamaha RX-Z7/RX-V3900 Remot...


This native Android application will operate all 3 zones of a Yamaha RX-V3900 and 4 zones of the RX-Z7. Far simpler than attempting to use Yamaha's web page interface, this application easily control...

app Yamaha RX-V2065 Remote logo

Yamaha RX-V2065 Remote


PLEASE REFER TO WEBSITE BEFORE PURCHASE. Control the RX-V2065 networked receiver from your phone. Often more convenient than the remote control itself, it controls all 3 zones, volume, source, sound m...

app ARDrone Flight logo

ARDrone Flight


Android ARDrone Flight Application.Control the AR.Drones and record video.ARDrone Flight has optional Platinum Features including support for V2 Drones, Flight Animations and Autonomous Mode via in-ap...

app SlateDroid App logo

SlateDroid App


This version for Android 2.2 and higherKeep up to date with with direct Wiki, Twitter, Homepage, and Forum Access all from a single icon, no more typing long addresses, or looking for t...

app SkyIPCam logo



SkyIPCam let you view your Airlink101 SkyIPCam Network Cameras on your Android mobile phone.Note: Please upgrade your camera to the latest firmware in order to use this APP....

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