µTorrent Remote Android App Review

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As I was scouring the new Android Market website, I stumbled upon this new Android app called µTorrent Remote. The app description said that it’s from BitTorrent, Inc. so I checked it out and was convinced to download the app on my Android phone based on the app details. Simply put, µTorrent Remote Android app lets you access and manage µTorrent 3.0 Alpha from anywhere.

Yes, µTorrent fans, this app is definitely for you especially if you are running the free µTorrent 3.0 Alpha on your home PC. This app will let you securely access and control your home machine. And what can you do as you remotely access your home PC machine? Pretty much the things that you can don on your desktop – add, remove, start, and stop torrents.

µTorrent Remote Android app also lets you check your RSS feeds and subsequently start downloading available Torrents which you are monitoring. Now, here’s a nice feature – if you are downloading Torrents using your desktop, this Android app lets you shift completed files directly to your Android device. Pretty nice, right?

To use this Android app, make sure you’ve downloaded uTorrent 3.0 Alpha from web.utorrent.com and create the needed login account. And yes, you should also download µTorrent Remote from the Android Market. It’s a free download.

Incidentally, µTorrent Remote is current in Alpha state, so expect to experience minor bugs which hopefully will be fixed in future updates of the app. So far though I haven’t experience any problems connecting using my Google Nexus One.

Any feedback from those who’ve downloaded this app and failed to use it?

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