5 Great Android Apps For Diet and Weight Loss

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Health, fitness and diet are one aspect of life that, for many, requires the maximum level of assistance possible, and if you’re like most people, your success depends on that assistance. There is a plethora of exciting applications available for the many smart phones that have become a mainstay in our lives – and Androids are no exception. Here, we’ve outlined five top apps available for loyal Android users, designed to optimize your health and fitness goals while making life easier at the same time.

1. Calorie Counter

Anyone who is trying to get or stay in shape is probably aware of the calories they consume on a daily basis. The process of keeping count of your caloric intake is not that simple; unless you have the tools to make it easy. Just imagine going out to eat and being able to quickly and efficiently log in the amount of calories consumed. By the end of the day all your computing work is compiled and you have at your disposal a nice, neat culmination of all things that matter in your diet plan. With features like the Food Diary, Exercise Diary, Diet Calendar, and Weight Tracker, this application is packed with punch and goes above and beyond most typical applications. The Calorie Counter app for Android gives you many options to play around with to help you reach and maintain an optimal level of health and fitness.

2. Instant Heart Rate

Most serious fitness buffs keep track of their heart rate regularly as part of their exercise program, to gauge progress and also determine their heart’s recovery rate. Even if you are at a beginner to intermediate level, tracking your pulse is an important part of understanding the effectiveness of your workouts and, very importantly, making sure your body stays within the safety range it can handle. Maintaining your target heart rate is easy with this app, since all it takes is a steady touch on the phone’s camera for at least ten seconds – and you instantly have your heart rate reading. Fiercely popular, according to the developer of this app, it has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and has received over 10,000 five-star reviews.

3. FitSync

For exercise buffs and not-so-exercise savvy people alike, this Android application is a favorite because it allows you to access a database with over 1600 exercises, fitness plans, workouts and more. You can schedule your workouts and sync it to your own results. You can also view detailed descriptions of specific exercises and see them being performed on short, informative videos. This app works as an ideal supplement to an existing fitness routine and is particularly ideal for those people who are disciplined and don’t need much motivation. FitSync costs $4.99.

4. WWDiary

If you follow the Weight Watchers® program, this app is the perfect app to supplement your existing weight loss efforts. Designed to work in a way complimentary to the Weight Watchers® system, WWDiary tracks points, allows you to journal your food intake and helps users stay disciplined throughout the day by staying with their WW plan. With anywhere from 50,000-250,000 downloads, it’s clear that this is one of the most popular applications to work with current followers of the WW program. Since the cornerstone of the Weight Watchers® program revolves around keeping a diary of points, this app is the ideal virtual assistant to keep you on track. Let’s hope that other popular weight loss programs (i.e Atkins, South Beach Diet, Medifast, etc) will develop their own android applications as well.

5. Absolute Fitness

Offering a full-service menu of options for the health and fitness enthusiast, this Android app has consistently been rated by users as one of the best available on the market. With many interactive features, including the ability to create custom meals (a favorite aspect of the app for many) and a free-form Notes section, it has a high downloaded count. Users can add custom entries to the already extensive collection of nutrition and exercise items which, unlike a lot of fitness and nutrition apps, also include vitamins and minerals. Absolute Fitness allows you to track water intake, blood pressure, number of hours slept and body fat percentage. The images are easy to read, sometimes very ingeniously depicting the information at hand (such as a line graph that reads like a thermometer and shares statistics) and entirely comprehensible unlike many apps these days that provide convoluted information. The one-time fee charged for Absolute Fitness is definitely well worth it.

No matter what your fitness and weight loss goals are, using applications can and does make the entire process much easier. My personal favorite on this list is Absolute Fitness. You just can’t find a better all-encompassing application that jam packs so much value into one little package. With a support system of detailed, accurate and valuable information it’s easy to stick with your weight loss program and get the type of results you’re after.

When it comes to technology, Matthew Denos is there. A bona-fide internet junkie and gadget lover, his passion carries through his weight loss blog as he fervently shares with his wide following, tips and insight on healthy living as well as Medifast promo codes and coupons for Weight Watchers discount.

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