8 Exciting android games in 2017

Since the word holiday was invented, humans created getting cozy and playing all possible games. After creating this sword, Android phones came into the picture to keep your holiday more exciting with its gaming apps. It has been years, and the year 2017 is a month old now, producing some promising games on Android version mobiles for us.

Here are a collected few to enjoy this season with fun android games:


If there is a set of games, then adventure is mandatory. If you love dealing with the aliens and if aliens are must in your list of best android games, then Crashlands is secretly made for you. Being a paid game, you play Flux Dabes, stranded on a planet full of aliens. All you need to learn is to cope with your new life with all those battles and toughest strategy planning coming all your way.


After we are done with the Android aliens, Oceanhorn lets us take some interesting quests while exploring the islands. Here, you get to explore it all in the uncharted seas. Apparently, the entire game is filled with dangers, puzzles, and secrets. What is the catch? You did not guess it! It is magic. You will have to learn to use and control your magic power to discover treasures that are ancient. Creating helps you move further with quests. If you are planning on to meet some sea monsters and unravel the mystery bound islands, then download Oceanhorn.

The trial

Finally, there is a fantastic free game designed by Peter Molyneux. We all just pictured the God of Games developing it. His latest shot is the Trial. This game marks an enjoyable journey across the unknown. Exploring factor is guaranteed. If you are done with the situation, wish to travel to unknown places but have no money, then you must be searching for the Trial in your Google Play store right now. Being one of the fun games, the Trial can be described in these three words – explore, collect and build.

Shadow Bug

If you are dying to slice the monsters with sharp knives, which we all keep dreaming about, then Shadow Bug is the arena. Probably, the best of games, Shadow Bug is all about the user being the immensely powerful Ninja Hero who saves his home forest from the evil factory. Isn’t this situation likely to be heard somewhere near in your real life situation? On the off hand, it is! You get to become the ultimate ninja and show your skills in the beautiful landscape just like you dreamt.

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

Yes, the game is one of the fun-filled ones, just as the name suggests. Do you remember the Minecraft game? This is a better version with steampunk cartoons in it. This makes you guess as if you are going to have a life in the Nat Geo, starving all way. You are right, though. This game dumps you in the wild places with no instructions – you need to SURVIVE! You will have to collect food, build shelter and meanwhile, you will find dangerous wilderness attacking you. You are required to handle pretty much everything by yourself.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Are we done just by looking at the name of this game? Yes, we are. Download Marvel Avengers Academy today, to take the Avengers team forward and your team is under the control of Nick Fury. From Iron Man to Captain America, you get to live in the shoes of any of your favorite Avenger and help them train up. The motive is to defeat Hydra, after all.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

For those who won’t believe, this game is free, we promise. If you are a lover of Star Wars hype, then mandatorily download it and if you are not, then again download it because it is surrounded by the set of the new film. Galaxy heroes take the major role, and you get to meet all possible characters from Han Solo to Luke and much more. What is so interesting? Many new monsters are awakened. Let us all meet them! Fight them!

XCom Enemy Within

This version of XCom Enemy Within replaces the earlier game. The eye-catching fact is that this game marks the beginning and the end of XCom. EU with a brand new section in the middle with new enemies, abilities and new possibilities to defeat them, this game keeps up the tense factor in an amazing way. After we all starting crying out of desperation to bring the PC game to our phones, the time has come.

Here are the games you must download to get the best out of this year.


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