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A Review of Alien Shapes Live Wallpaper Pack for Android

Live Wallpapers. Most people have mixed emotions on them as some of them can kill your battery, but they look so damned cool most of us don’t care. When I think “Live Wallpapers” I think generally think of, and they put out an awesome pack of Live Wallpapers last month in the form of Alien Shapes that you’ve gotta’ see to believe.

Alien Shapes is by far the most complete pack of Live wallpapers out there and you’ll get over 1900 combinations when switching up the colors and patterns within the pack. In all you’ll get 50 skins with 38 color schemes and a slew of options. The patterns range from shapes, to random patters, and there’s even a very cool looking Snake Skin wallpaper if you want to get wild with it. You can set up favorites for quick access, random color themes, random skin themes, and set the animations to stop when the screen moves. As mentioned, battery life can be a real drag when running Live Wallpapers, but has you covered in this area as well. You can set the wallpapers up to save your battery life with settings ranging from 0% to 50% savings which greatly improves your battery life.

Personally, I’ve been a fan of Maxelus’s Live Wallpapers since I covered Inferno Galaxy a while back and the Alien Shapes pack is simply awesome. There’s enough variety in the skin & color selections to please anyone, and the skins themselves are great. The battery saving feature is great as well; I left a LWP running yesterday while adjusting the settings and definitely noticed a difference in my battery life. There is a free version of Alien Shapes that gives you 3 skins and 10 color themes to try out or you can pick up the full version with all the skins & themes for $0.99 during their Christmas sale. If you’re looking for some great Live Wallpapers look no further and head on over to the market and grab the full version of Alien Shapes while it’s still on sale.