A Review of Apps Capital’s Kidskool: Veterinarian for Android

I am a big fan of kids games as I’m still a big kid myself, and they keep my nieces and nephews entertained on my tablet so I can play NCAA 13 or just zone out. Kidskool: Veterinarian is an interesting game for the little ones as it allows them to learn a thing or two, is kid friendly, and most importantly it’s fun.

Kidskool: Veterinarian is a game full of mini-games that will keep the kiddies entertained for hours. There are 8 mini-games in all that include card matching, puzzles, pattern matching, spot the doctor, falling orbs, block breaker, and a Tetris style game. Overall, it’s a nice mix of games and everything has a Veterinarian theme to it as you’ll see plenty of cute cartoonish animals, vets, and items related to the Veterinarian trade. Kidskool: Veterinarian’s games are simple enough for kids to play, but I actually enjoyed a few of them myself. There aren’t many extras to speak of other than a simple “leaderboard” screen that shows how you’ve done in each of the games locally. I thought this was a nice simple touch as well; kids don’t need to stress about scores or having to get 1st place, they just need to have fun.


I was impressed by the simplicity of Kidskool: Veterinarian, and as always it was kid-tested and approved as my niece who is also my favorite test subject zoned out to this little game for quite awhile. The kids seem to enjoy the mini-games, and I know that parents will enjoy the fact that the app will keep their children busy. I also know the adults will appreciate the fact that there are NO in-app purchases in the game. There isn’t a free version to try out, but you can pick up the full version of Kidskool: Veterinarian on Google Play for the low price of $0.99.


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