A Review of BackStab HD for Android


BackStab HD is a swashbuckling adventure game that puts you in the role of Henry Blake who’s set out for Revenge after being imprisoned, and betrayed. You’ll have to sneak, climb, and fight your way through 4 lush cities while exacting your revenge on those who’ve wronged you. This was one of those Android apps that was exclusive to the Xperia Play, but now that the period of exclusivity is over we can all play the game. Personally, I’ve been waiting on this game for a while now, and was excited to see what all the fuss was about.


If you’ve played a Gameloft adventure game, you’ll probably be familiar with the control scheme in BackStab HD. You’ll have the normal on-screen controls in the form of the virtual joystick and action buttons. You’ll use the stick to run, the buttons to attack, and you’ll swipe the screen to look around. Looking around is one thing I’ve done a lot of in this game, as the levels really look great. There’s also a lot to do in this adventure; in the first little bit of the game, I’ve done some sword fighting, shot cannons at ships, used pistols, run across the rooftops, and even decapitated a few folks for good measure.


You’ll travel through 4 different cities on your quest to right the wrongs done to you, and all the levels look outstanding. There will be lots of folks to kill along the way as well, and there are several different ways to take them out. If you get tired of the good old “hack and slash” method, you can go for a stealthier approach by sneaking up, or dropping down onto enemies. The levels are pretty much wide open, but you’ll generally be following the storyline of the game. You’re going to be moving around a lot, and I liked the fact that if the streets were too crowded I could just take to the rooftops, and travel that way.


I have always enjoyed a good adventure game, especially ones with a dash of Revenge thrown in for good measure. Gameloft’s offerings usually look great, but I think BackStab is a little better than the rest and more fun as well. I’ve not gotten tired of this one the way I did with Shadow Guardian, where it seemed as if I spent more time climbing and running that I did fighting. Overall, BackStab is a game with Excellent graphics, a good storyline, and varied gameplay. As with most of Gameloft’s games there isn’t a free version, and the paid version will set you back $6.99 in the Android Market. If you’d like to try a great swashbuckling adventure, I would highly recommend that you check out BackStab HD.


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