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A Review of Beaver’s Revenge for Android


Like Angry Birds? If so, you’re bound to love Beaver’s Revenge. The gameplay is similar as it’s a physics based animal flinging game, but the graphics are on a totally different level. You’ll fling rabbits, skunks and fish towards the lumberjacks and take down anything that stands in your way. We all know how popular animal flinging physics games can be, and this one’s got better graphics than all the rest.


As mentioned, you’ll be flinging animals about but instead of a slingshot, you’ll be using a Beaver’s Tail. The Lumberjacks are crafty and often hide behind boxes, cranes, and lumber of course. You can also select which animal you shoot by tapping it to load it onto the beaver’s tail. Beaver’s Revenge uses the popular “3 star” system of scoring that we’re all familiar with although you don’t have to meet a certain number of stars to get to the next world.


If there’s one universal thing everyone loves about games, its length of play. Beaver’s Revenge has that with 60 levels spanning 3 different worlds. You’ll also get 6 different animals to fling and each has a different effect; the beehive-bombs have been my personal favorite so far. If you like games with achievements, you’re in luck as Beaver’s Revenge has plenty of achievements to unlock as well. The game also uses the OpenFeint system so you can check your scores against the best in the world.


The graphics were the first thing that got my attention with Beaver’s Revenge. The levels are large and very easy on the eyes. I do think the physics could use a little bit of tweaking, but the game is very solid overall. If you enjoyed flinging birds around, you’ll definitely like flipping fish, skunks and beehives at the lumberjacks. You can check out the trial version of Beaver’s Revenge or grab the paid version for .99 cents.