A Review of Bugged for Android


If you’re one of those people with a strong dislike of bugs, Pixel Ninja Games has just the thing for you with their new Android game Bugged. You get to squish them, flick them and blow them up as you try to make it to the next level and get the top score. There may be other bug squashing games out there, but they don’t have the style & polish of Bugged…


As this is a bug squashing game, you’re main weapon will be your finger and you’re going to use it a lot. The levels vary quite a bit – some levels have you squishing bugs against the clock while others have you defending a tasty pastry. There are quite a few different bugs to kill as well like Ladybugs, Ants, Fire Bugs, and Dung Bugs.  Different bugs have different reactions to your touch; some bugs will explode while others can be flicked away and used to take out other bugs. Overall, bugged is a very simple game that anyone should be able to pick & play, and it’s very family friendly as well.


There are 5 different game modes in Bugged with Play, De-Bug, and Unlimited Panic, Defend & Escape. Play is your main mode and puts you through a variety of bug squashing challenges over the course of 36 levels.  You can get 3 stars per level depending on your score and you’ll need a certain amount of stars to unlock the next set of levels. Debug is a “Zen like” mode where you can pick the bugs you want to squish and don’t have to deal with time limits. Unlimited mode has three different modes with the first being Don’t Panic! In this mode you’ll a panic bar, and you’ll need to squish bugs at a steady pace to keep it from getting to far into the red. In Lunch Defender you have to defend a donut from hordes of hungry bugs before they carry it all away. In the final mode called Stop Them you just have to keep bugs from crossing the screen which is a lot harder than it sounds. Bugged also has 9 different backgrounds to unlock as well as 18 trophies.


While I’m not a huge fan of bugs as a species, I am a big fan of Bugged. The graphics look great, and it’s the type of game you can play for hours on end or for 15 minutes if you’re in a rush. There are plenty of levels, modes and trophies as well which is never a bad thing. The multi-touch works well, and it didn’t bog down on my Captivate even when there were a lot of bugs on the screen. Bugged is a great time killer and well worth a look. You can grab the lite version for free or Full version for $1.49 in the Android Market.


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