A Review of Circus City for Android

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There are a lot of city building games in the android market, and each week seems to throw several new ones into the fray. What’s special about the newest entry into the genre from Glu Mobile? It takes place in a Circus! Circus City allows you to build your own Circus complete with Lion Tamers, Clowns, and Caramel Popcorn. Is it as fun as it sounds?


The gameplay in Circus City is “time-based” building where you’ll put up buildings which will pop out coins & XP over an allotted amount of time. When a game is played, act is performed or something is sold you’ll get XP & money which can be used to purchase more buildings and acts. Some buildings will cost you tickets which are Circus City’s form of in-game currency; you start out with 5, but can buy more via the in-app purchasing system. This is a pretty common setup nowadays, nothing special to see in this area. Basically, you build… wait… collect, then do it again.


The one good thing about games of this type is the fact that you usually get a ton of things to build. Circus City is no exception in this area and here’s a rough breakdown of what you’ll be able to construct. You can hire 16 different acts to perform at your circus, buy 15 food/item kiosks, setup 17 games and attractions, and use 28 landscape items. There are also 5 land upgrades, and you’re able to expand your Big Top to 3 acts for more earnings. Overall, there’s some pretty cool stuff to build like the Clown Slider, Mirror House, Pizza Shack, Fortune Teller, and the Shooting Gallery. The acts are pretty varied as well with Fire Eaters, Magicians, The Cannon Man, Sword Swallowers, and Strongman.


Ok, here’s the deal. Circus City isn’t a bad game, but it does suffer from lengthy wait times with events & builds. With these kinds of games you know you’ll have to wait a bit, but the slow times coupled with low earnings really hurt the game. I also experienced some force close issues, but most of the time the game ran well. That being said, there’s plenty to build, the graphics are sharp, and the whole circus theme was pretty cool. Hopefully, Glu will get the game sorted out with an update in the near future. If you want to give Circus City a shot, you can pick it up in the market for free.

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