A Review of Clowning Around for Android

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Clowns… some people love them while other of us are scared to death of them. We here at Android-Apps are split down the middle on that one, but we could all agree that we liked the Circus. Either way, clowns been around for a long time and now they’ve come to Android (along with the Circus) in the form of Clowning Around from Ace Viral. Clowning Around is similar to Cut the Rope in its gameplay, but brings something unique to the table with its colorful Circus vibe.


If you’ve played Cut the Rope, you’ll be right at home when you pick up Clowning Around as the basic principles are the same. You’ll have different colored clowns hanging from chains, and you’ll need to cut those chains and dunk the clowns into water barrels that match the clowns color. There are plenty of contraptions to help you move your clowns like seesaws, trampolines, magicians hats, and cannons just to name a few. The chains don’t only hold up the clowns, they’ll also control platforms and are linked to other objects, so you’ll definitely need to watch which ones you cut as the game progresses.


The full version of Clowning Around has 75 levels spread across 5 different acts along with 3 different game modes. The free version gives you the first act called “Clown College” which has 15 levels and teaches you the basics of the game. Clowning Around also uses the popular “3-star” system, where you’ll be rewarded up to 3 stars depending on how you do in the level. I’m sure there are some other surprises along the way, as they mentioned appearances by Jetpack Sam and a mini-train driver although I didn’t get see them in the free version.


This is the second Circus themed game we’ve gotten in a week, and Clowning Around is leaps and bounds better than the other game, Circus City. The gameplay/control scheme might not be the most original, but it’s a lot of fun and is a perfect fit for the Circus theme. The 75 levels in the full version are enough to keep you busy, and “hopefully” they’ll add some new levels in the near future.  The free version of Clowning Around was a blast to play, and I’ll be picking up the paid version for myself very shortly. It’s a game I highly recommend folks check out, and you can try the 15 level free version or grab the full version for $1.08.

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