A Review of Cross Court Tennis for Android

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I’ve been looking for a good Android Tennis game for a while now, and was excited when I stumbled across Cross Court Tennis in the Market. At first glance I thought it looked great, but was a little fearful about how it would actually play. I was pleasantly surprised, as Refined Games has put out a Tennis game that has great graphics and solid gameplay.


As in real tennis the first thing you do is serve, and it’s easy to do in Cross Court as you’ll just tap to toss and swipe to serve. The other shots in your arsenal are as follows; the Flat shot is an upward angled swipe, topspin is sort of a hook shaped gesture, and slice is a downward swipe at an angle. You can also do a lob with 2 fingers swiping up. The other part of the control scheme is running, and you can either auto-run or tap to run. Auto-run is easy and you just need to swing/swipe while tap to run is a bit trickier. With that setting you’ll tap to run to the spot where the ball will hit and then do your swipe; it makes it difficult as you have to be quick.


Cross Court Tennis has plenty of features to go with its intuitive control scheme. It has 3 levels of difficulty and 2 main modes of play with the Career & Instant Play modes. Career mode lets you build your player up through mini-games and by beating 35 different opponents of varying skill. Like to play in tournaments? Well, Cross Court Tennis has 8 different tournaments to play in, and three different court surfaces that all vary a bit just like real courts would. There’s also a replay system for Pro or Advanced level players that lets you challenge a call which was a nice touch.


Cross Court Tennis was a pleasant surprise and a game I’ll keep on my phone for a while. The graphics are nice, but most importantly it’s actually fun to play. It did start to get a little monotonous once I had the timing of my shots figured out and had played 10 matches or so, but that quickly changed once I set it to “tap to run.” Overall, it’s a very good game and hands down the best Tennis Game on the market. There is a trial version in the market that lets you play one full match, while the full version can be had for only .99 cents.

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