A Review of Da Vinci’s Quest for Android


As I’m always on the prowl for new and interesting Android games, I was intrigued when I noticed something called Da Vinci’s Quest in the market. I assumed it was a quest game, and downloaded it going off the name & a quick glance at a screenshot. What I got when I fired up the game was a total surprise, but not a bad one by any means.


I was a bit shocked to find out Da Vinci’s Quest wasn’t necessarily a quest game, but a Coin Dozing game in disguise. Well, Coin Dozing/Coin Throwing would be a better description as you’re basically going to sling your coins at enemies to take them out. If you hit an enemy the coin falls into the tray and you get it back, if you miss it’s gone forever. Da Vinci’s Quest won’t let you just chuck coins at enemies the whole time either as these guys fire back, so you’ll have to block and attack.

The firing part is simple as Tap within the “Attack” area to send the coins flying towards your enemies, but I found blocking to be a bit more difficult even as the screen can become busy very quickly. Anytime you see a Joker you’ll want to nail them as well as they’re used to spin Jackpots which can bring you additional coins & powerups. I quickly learned to keep an eye on my coins; if you miss an enemy you lose the coin you fired and if you run out you’ll have to buy more or wait for them to regenerate.


There’s a lot of stuff going on in Da Vinci’s Quest, and it can be difficult to take it all in at first.  During your coin dozing & flinging you’ll randomly receive parts, crystals, and powerups. The machine parts are used to unlock the next chapter while crystals are used to unlock new characters to battle. The powerups vary from Crystal Drops and 10x coin drops to Wall and Instant Rage. Some of them only work for a certain period of time and you’ll be able to unlock some different ones as you level up in the game. Da Vinci’s Quest also an in-app purchasing Shop where you can buy the powerups with Emeralds or buy Emeralds with cash via the market or paypal.


As Da Vinci’s Quest is the first Coin Dozing game I’ve played I really didn’t know what to expect, but after I got used to the game I had quite a bit of fun with it. Nubee did an awesome job on the presentation as the graphics are very good and the whole game really does have that old world renaissance feel to it. There are in-game ads, but I didn’t find them annoying and they can be removed by using Emeralds. Da Vinci’s Quest definitely has its own unique style, and is a great little time-killer worth checking out. You can check out Da Vinci’s Quest in the Android market for free.


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