A Review of Dragon’s Lair for Android


Fans of classic gaming got something to grin about this week as Digital Leisure released the old school game Dragon’s Lair into the Android market. That’s right folks, if you’re old enough to remember the original waaaaaay back in 83’ you’ll be psyched when you first fire up the game and start the quest to help Dirk get Princess Daphne back from the evil wizard Mordroc. Everything you loved about the original is present in the Android version, and Don Bluth’s animations are just as cool now as they were back then.

Gameplay & Features

The control scheme behind Dragon’s Lair is about as simple as you can get, but very tricky to master at times; especially if you’re new to the game and how it works. Dragon’s Lair is basically an animated story game where you’ll watch animations and are prompted to take actions during certain events. For instance, our hero falls into a barrel and flies down the river. You’re prompted to press a certain direction on the v-pad (virtual pad) at a specific time and if you fail… well you’ll see. You’re only other means of control is the sword button, and you’ll use that on all sorts of fun stuff along the way. I also liked the little extras they through in with the Trailer, High Scores table, and the addition of Home mode to complement Arcade mode.


I grew up on Don Bluth’s work with films like The Secret of Nimh, An American Tail, and All Dogs go to Heaven; I also fondly remember playing Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace at the Arcade as a kid. To say I’m familiar with the decade known of the 80s or would be an understatement, so it was extremely cool to see Dirk & Daphne on my phone and relive some fond childhood memories. If you played the original version, Dragon’s Lair is a “must have” game that you should own… and shame on you if you don’t. If you’ve never played this awesome little game you should give it a go as you might be pleasantly surprised. A BIG thank you goes out to Don Bluth for all his great work over the years and for all the great childhood memories you gave kids of the 80s & 90s. I’ve also gotta say thanks to Digital Leisure for letting me play this classic on my phone; great job bringing it over to Android. You can check out the retro classic Dragon’s Lair in the Android market for $4.99


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