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A Review of Fluffycraft for Android


We’re always on the prowl for new Android apps & games and this week we found one called Fluffycraft from Gameccino. Apparently, a group of little fluffies got themselves stranded and your job is to bounce the big fluffy over to the little guys and help them get home. Fluffycraft is definitely cute and colorful, but is it fun to play? Read on to find out…


Each level has a big Fluffy and 3 little ones along one or more moveable objects. All the objects are “bouncy” and you can reposition them almost anywhere in the level. When you go into reposition mode, you’ll see a grid and any of the bouncy elements can be dragged around and snapped into place as long as you’re not placing them on other objects. Once you’ve placed your bouncers, just hit the play button and physics will take over.


Feature wise, there’s not a lot to see in Fluffycraft. No Scoreloop or Openfeint, just some credits. It’s a little bit weak in the level department right now as well, but the developers are promising more levels every week. In the lite version you’ll get seven levels to play which should be enough for most folks to test a game out. That being said, the full version currently only has 18 levels which isn’t much. If the dev’s hold true to their word, and release new content weekly that shouldn’t be an issue.


Overall, I enjoyed FluffyCraft even though I only got to play a handful of levels. Each level can be solved in several different ways which does add to the replay factor. The graphics are crisp & vibrant and the soundtrack is great as well.  The addition of new levels every week is a nice touch, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes in coming weeks ahead. You can check out the free version with 7 levels or grab the paid version of Fluffycraft with 18 levels for $1.01.