A Review of Game of Thrones Trivia from Eternus Entertainment

I like millions of other people am a Game of Thrones addict, and after last night’s episode “No Honor Among Thieves” I thought it would be cool to do a Game of Thrones related piece. There isn’t much out there, but there is a nice trivia game from Eternus Entertainment simply dubbed Game of Thrones Trivia…

Gameplay & Features

At first glance Game of Thrones Trivia appears to be a simple trivia game, but once you fire it up you’ll quickly find out there’s more meets the eye. There are 5 different game modes with Baelor, Madness, Kraken, Kingsroad, and Winterfell. The calmest mode of play is Winterfellas it lets you answer questions at will with no timer and no rush. Madness give you a certain amount of time, but lets you keep   going if you answer correctly while Baelor puts the quick answer/more points setup into play. Kingsroad gives you 50 easy, 30 normal, and 20 hard questions one after the other and the last mode known as Kraken is the toughest. Kraken throws all 500 questions at you, and gives you 15 seconds per question… if you miss one you’re toast.

Game of Thrones Trivia gives fans 500 total questions to go along with 3 modes of difficulty. You also get the aforementioned 5 different game modes and a few different ways to change things up by adjusting the seconds per round, and questions per round.  There is a Top 10 score listing, and 70 achievements to collect. I’ve played a few trivia games, but this is the first one I’ve seen with 70 achievements. The 500 questions should be more than enough to keep things fresh, and it’s pretty safe to say they’ll be no shortage of new material as long as the show stays on the air.


Game of Thrones Trivia is a rock solid Trivia game that Games of Thrones fans should love. The questions vary pretty nicely from one to the next and some of them are pretty tough. I’ve seen every episode at least twice, and was stumped on several occasions. I’ve also gotta’ give the dev credit for the nice opening screen as well, nice pitch and very well done lol. Game of Thrones Trivia won’t bring the late, great Eddard Stark back or help you figure out if the Dancing Master Syrio Forel is dead (wasn’t he great?), but it will let you have some fun and help to brush up on your Game of Thrones knowledge. The demo version of the game gives you 50 questions, 2 game modes, and a top 5 scores list while the full version gives you everything for only $1.99. You can find both versions of Eternus Entertainments Game of Thrones Trivia on Google Play. Go check it out or we’ll send King Joffrey after ya’…


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