A Review of Glu Mobile’s Stardom: The A-List for Android

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Want to be a Star? If the answer is yes, you’re going to get your chance thanks to a new Android game from Glu Mobile called Stardom: The A-List. This new celebrity sim lets you see what it’s like to live the life of the rich & famous while trying to make your way to the A-List.


Any celebrity you meet will have a “grade” from E to A with A being the top and the grade you’re trying to reach. You can raise your popularity and grade through dating, getting in the news, being in style, and taking on jobs. You’ll get an agent early on and he’ll give you a ring when jobs become available. You basically go to his office, memorize a few lines and then repeat them on location to get things started. As you travel around the world of Stardom you’ll meet lots of different people and when you meet someone suitable you can chat them up, flirt, and get their digits to setup a date. Anytime you see a heart icon at a location you can setup a date where you’ll use energy and money to wine and dine that lucky person. Fashion is another important aspect of the game, and Stardom has plenty to offer in this area as well with options ranging from facial features and shoes to hairstyles and accessories.


I’ve only been playing the game for 2-3 hours, but Stardom: The A-List seems to be a pretty expansive game. You start out in one area can travel to three others as you progress and level up; each area has several different buildings to visit with plenty to see. It’s also a time-based game which means every task you do will cost you a bit of energy. Feeding a date sushi, practicing your lines on set or drinking a cup of coffee is going to cost you and you’ll have to wait a whopping 5 minutes to get back one point of energy. Any events like dates or commercials have a time limit of 1 hour, so you’ll want to fill you’re star/heart gauge by completing tasks during an event as quickly as possible. As you might expect, you can buy energy, coins, and cash through an in-app purchase or get coins (that can be exchanged for energy) by completing offers.


Glu Mobile never ceases to amaze me with the wide variety of games in their stable, and Stardom: The A-List is another nice addition. It’s definitely an interesting game that makes you want to see what comes next, but the time you’ve got to wait for your energy to build up can really slow things down at times. As bad as I hate to wait, apparently it works well because I’ve been coming back to check on my pseudo-celeb for days now. If you want to see if you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top head on over to the market and pick up Stardom: The A-List for free.

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