A Review of GRave Defense HD for Android


Like Zombies and Tower Defense games? Well, if you do GRave Defense HD is definitely the game for you. ArtofBytess has been putting out the popular GRave Defense games for awhile, and their newest entry, GRave Defense HD is the best thus far. The game is a whole lotta’ fun, and will keep you busy for a long, long time. This version has a good storyline, and is packed with 24 levels of good ol’ Zombie killing fun. After spending 2 days playing this frustratingly fun game, I took a break to bring you my thoughts on GRave Defense HD…


There are two main modes of play in GRave Defense HD with the Campaign & Survival Modes. Both modes make use of the same maps and are broken down into Gold, Silver, and Bonus Campaigns. The Gold campaign has all the same levels from Grave Defense Gold, plus a new multi-screen level. It has the most levels of any of the campaigns with 19 in all; the Silver one has 3, and the Bonus Campaign has 2. There are 4 degrees of difficulty as well with casual, normal, hard, and insane. I play on casual and have still had my ass kicked pretty good; I honestly can’t imagine playing it on Insane.


There are a ton of different enemies, weapons, and upgrades in the game; some of which you haven’t seen before. The game also has an achievement system, awards, ranks, and the ever popular Scoreloop scoring system. There is also a comprehensive Encyclopedia, which gives you information on ranks, towers, mutants, and bonuses. The folks at ArtofBytess have always done a good job keeping the game up to date, and this one is no different. There’s a message on the main screen with a countdown to let you know when a new level is on the way.


If it wasn’t obvious, I’ve always been a fan of the GRave Defense games, even when they make me want to pull my hair out. I finally got around to beating the Holiday version last month, and now it looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for me with the HD edition. The graphics were always great, but they’re even better in the HD version, and the replay factor is practically infinite; especially as they keep adding new levels. If you’d like to kill some Zombies, and lose countless hours of your life, you can get GRave Defense HD in the Android market for $2.87.


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