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A Review of Greedy Spiders for Android


Greedy Spiders is a great new game from Blyts mobile that puts you to work saving your bugs from some very greedy spiders. These spiders are hungry, and you’ll have to prevent them from reaching your little bugs by using decoys or through cutting and burning the webs. With lots of levels and smooth gameplay, Greedy Spiders is a game you won’t be putting down for awhile…


The gameplay in Greedy Spiders sort of reminds me a bit of  Tic-Tac-To, as you’ll move and then the spider moves. You’ll simply touch the section of web you want to remove, and every time you do the spider will make a move towards you. Your goal is to free your bug up before the Spider gets him and it becomes quite tricky after a few levels. It sort of lulled me to sleep a little at first and I thought it was easy…. then wham I got stuck. I’m actually still stuck, and can’t wait to get past lvl 27 to see what else the game has in store for me.


Greedy Spiders has plenty of levels in its trial version with a whopping 64 that span two areas – Time to Eat and Wild Hills. The paid version bumps it up to a massive 128 levels and gives you two more areas with Dry Escape, and Scary Crypts. You can collect 3 stars per level, and you’ll need a certain amount of stars to unlock the next area. There are also 7 different types of bugs and a few different types of spiders as well.  It’s not a game you’re just going to walk through either which is awesome as who doesn’t want to be challenged? I’ve already been stuck on this game more than I’ve been stuck on all the Angry Birds games combined.


Overall, I’d give Greedy Spiders an A+. It runs great on my aging phone, and gives people the option to turn down the graphics if they’re having trouble running the game. The graphics are great, the music fits the game perfectly, and there are plenty of levels to keep you busy. If you’d like to try a challenging new Android puzzler, I would highly recommend you check out Greedy Spiders. You can check out the free version or grab the full version for .99 cents from the Android Market.