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A Review of Island Fortress for Android


We all know that Pirates love treasure, and there are plenty of Pirate games in the Android market. Rejected Games have put a new twist on the Pirate game with Island Fortress where you won’t play a Pirate, but you’ll defend against them while protecting your treasure.


The premise of Island Fortress is simple; you’ll build makeshift fortresses to protect your treasure from pirates. You’re given a certain number of building materials each level, and need to find away to protect the treasure chest from cannonballs. It stars out pretty simple, but things change quickly as the Pirates start firing multiple rounds as well as different kinds of shots. You’ll be given a look at what they’ll fire and how many at the beginning of each level so you’ll know what to expect. The materials you’ll use are wood, brick, and stone; different materials stand up different against different types of shots. Objects are placed by dragging them onto the screen and can be rotated or moved as well.


There are four themed islands in the game with the Tropical, Icy, Desert, and Volcanic islands. I’ve only played the first island which has a whopping 50 levels; assuming the other islands have the same count, Island Fortress is a pretty big game. You’ll earn a bronze, silver or gold medal for each level and your score is based on how many objects are destroyed by the cannonballs. Gold Medals are awarded for no materials destroyed and so on. I liked that approach as it’s not that hard (most of the time) to block the shots, but deflecting them to get the gold is a different matter. The game is a little bare in the extras & features department though; the only options are the ability to turn on/off the music & sound effects and keep the aspect ratio.


One of the things I found really cool about Island Fortress was the fact that you can block or deflect cannonballs, but you never know where the shots are going to land. On several levels I had a nice little fortress laid out just to have it destroyed when the pirate ship lobbed a shot up high and dropped it in-between my walls. You can usually stop the first shot with easy… it’s the 2nd and 3rd shots you have to worry about. There are TONS of levels to play through as well, so you’ll be able to play Island Fortress for quite some time. It’s a fun game to play and definitely different as you’re defending against cannonballs instead of shooting them. You can check out Island Fortress in the Android market for free.