A Review of Jelly Wars for Android


Jelly Wars is a new game in the vein of Worms from developer Star Arcade. It’s a cross-platform game as well that will let you play online against your friends on Android, iPhone, and Symbian devices. Instead of playing a worm, you’ll take the form of a blob of Jelly that fires… blobs of Jelly at an online opponent. Jelly Wars is still in its early stages, but it’s already quite a bit of fun.


Starting out, you’ll be asked to create a Star Arcade account before you can play the game. Once that’s done you’re pretty much thrown straight into a game with a random opponent. The controls are simple, and there are only three actions to deal with. On each turn you have the option to move your Jelly Blob around, fire a bouncing jellyshot, or fire a sticky jellyshot. The levels/blocks themselves can be damaged, so if there are obstacles between you and your opponent you can just take it out. It also puts a little strategy into play, as you can take the ground out from under your opponent’s feet.


From the main menu there are a few options, but not many. There’s a Facebook button, the credits, a tutorial, and the opening cinematic from the game. You can also access your Star Arcade account which tracks your score, rank, will allow you to buy add-ons in the near future. You may have noticed there is no way to play Jelly Wars by yourself, as you can only play online. Well, no worries after speaking with the folks at Star Arcade we are happy to say there is a campaign mode in the works. They also plan on bringing more weapons (yay!) and more levels as well.


Overall, Jelly Wars is a fun multi-player artillery game, but it is lacking in a few areas; mainly finding an opponent to play with. It’s a new game, and once the word gets out that problem should take care of itself. Other than that, the gameplay was top-notch.  The graphics & animations are great, and the gameplay is solid. I experienced no lag while playing, and every action my jellyblob performed was silky smooth. I’m actually undefeated in Jelly Wars thus far (playing as Adrock), so if you’re feeling froggy, I’m down for a challenge anytime. You can pick up the free version with ads or the full version for $1.49 sans the ads in the Android market.


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