A Review of Penny Parlor for Android

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Growing up I remember going to the Arcade at the mall and dropping tons of tokens into Area 51, Killer Instinct, and Tekken of course. Before those modern arcade games were popular there were some games dubbed “Penny Arcade Games” and developers GamesLab Apps have brought a few to Android with Penny Parlor. Penny Parlor gives you four classic Penny games in one very awesome package. Here’s a rundown of  the four cool games Penny Parlor has to offer…

American Pro Football Touchdown Frenzy

Touchdown Frenzy is similar to Air Hockey as you’ll try to flick the puck (football) into the gates at the end of the field. The gates all represent yardages, flick one into the one marked 50 and you get 50 yards, etc, etc. Sound Easy? Well it’s not that easy as there are defenders on three poles ala foosball and you have to get past them. You can use the sides of the field to try and bounce one in, and double tap to reset the ball. When you score a TD more time is added to the play clock, but when the play clock finally hits zero the game is over.

Super Swing Baseball

Super Swing Baseball is the most difficult to play out of the bunch, and that’s not a bad thing as it’s the one I’ve played the most thus far. You basically tap to swing and try to hit the little ball into the blue bleachers when it comes flying down the ramp. The blue shelves/bleachers represent what kind of hit you’ll get and you’ll score runs by hitting a homer or advancing your runners around the bases. Just like real baseball, you get three strikes and three outs… you just don’t get 9 innings of them. If you hit the “Extra Innings” target you get to reset the outs at the end of your current inning. This game gets very difficult as it progresses, I’ve made it to level 4 so far and the pitches really start to get switched up as far as the speed and consistency go.

The Amazing Golf Game

In the Amazing Golf Game your goal is to get the ball into the flagged holes in the order that they appear. You’re give 10 credits to start the game, and every time you go over par on a hole you’ll lose a credit. You get 2 points for a hole in one and 1 point for a completed hole with 9 holes in each round. Any remaining credits you have left are tacked onto your score at the end of the round, and the par starts at 4, but drops after each round you play. As for controlling your little golfer, you aim left or right by using the golf lever and press/hold the button for power and release to swing. The Amazing Golf Game is very easy to play, but difficult to master.

Smack ‘n’ Whack Cricket

Last but certainly not least, we have Smack ‘n’ Whack Cricket. Your goal in this game is to score as many runs as possible and you’re given 10 outs to get the job done. You drag down to increase your players swinging power and slide left and right to aim as the bowler releases the ball. Runs are earned by hitting the numbered targets which will retract once they’ve been hit and reset once they’ve all been cleared. Outs are calculated if you miss the ball (which I did a lot) or hit the targets marked out.


I enjoyed playing all four games, and really liked the whole old world boardwalk/arcade theme the game has going on. The entire package looks great & is very polished throughout; I half expected to see a Zoltar machine sitting in a corner more than once when scrolling through the games. Another thing I really liked besides the games themselves was the Records and Achievements section. Each game has its own Record & Achievement section along with a great “How to Play” section as well. Penny Parlor is a fun, well thought out game that everyone should definitely check out. No free version is available, but the full version is a deal at only $2.02.

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