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A Review of Shaky Towers for Android


Hyperbees has made some great games for Android, and they just added another one to their impressive roster with Shaky Tower. At first I thought it was just another block stacking game, but once I got around to playing it, I was pleasantly surprised. You’ll have to stack blocks to reach certain goals all while using your phones tilt controls. Sometimes you’ll need to keep the blocks stacked, while other times you’ll need to “roll” the blocks or bounce them. There’s a lot to this little game, and after playing through it for a few hours, here’s what I thought off Shaky Tower…


Shaky Tower is a bit hard to nail down gameplay wise, as you’ll usually have to control the blocks differently in each level. To drop/stack a block, you’ll simply touch the screen where you want the block to be placed. You can control the block by tilting your phone left to right; this will help you keep your towers standing, and roll your blocks across the screen when necessary. All blocks are not created equal either; some blocks will be bigger than the rest while others will bounce like crazy.


There are two main modes of play in Shaky Towers with Quick Game, and Adventure Modes. The heart of the game lies in Adventure Mode where you’ll have 6 worlds to go through with around 10 levels per world. Each world is themed and they will get tougher as you progress. Quick Game lets you pick a difficulty, then a game type. You can choose from modes like Tempo Line, Balance, Check Point, Bonus, Cleanup, and several more. Shaky Towers also uses currency in the form of coins and stars which can be earned (or bought) throughout the game. You can use the in-game currency to buy some pretty cool upgrades from the shop like artifact vision, extra seconds, level skips, and a longer bubble level.


Shaky Towers is definitely a unique tower building game that was a blast to play. I’ve not finished it out yet, but it’s been fun so far. The physics/tilt works great with the blocks, the levels are varied, and the graphics are great. If you’d like to play a fun little Tower building game with a twist, go check out Shaky Towers in the Android market.