A Review of Solo the Virtual Guitar for Android


Playing guitar might be a lot of fun, but you can’t always carry your six-string around with you everywhere you go. Think of a melody you want to strum out while you’re on the go? No worries, the virtual guitar app known as Solo has got you covered. This awesome Android App lets you play the guitar while you’re on the go, but it does a lot more than that. It’s a great learning tool as well that has more than enough features to keep any guitar player happy.


To get started with Solo you just need to fire up the app, and start strumming on your screen. There are eight chords laid out across the top of the screen which can be bumped up to ten, and changed to suit your needs in Solo’s chord library. The Chord library is one of the apps most impressive features; to say it has a lot of chords would be an understatement and it even lets you create your own. Every chord in the library has its own diagram with the proper finger/fret board placement so you can actually learn quite a bit if you’re a beginner.  As mentioned you can also set the chords on the main screen to your liking from here as well which is great if you want to set it up quickly to play a specific song.

Solo has plenty of options and features as well like the ability to get chord & lyric overlays on the web or play along with any music on your phone. You can also put it in Left handed mode, landscape mode, adjust chord buttons sizes, enable/disable multitouch, and set the phone to strum using the accelerometer just to name a few. Another great feature is the ability to add a Capo. If you want to raise the pitch at any time, just select add capo and drag it where you want it on the fret board. All these options really allow you to customize the app to suit your playing style which is a nice touch. Feel like playing a different type of guitar? Solo has you covered, as you can play with the Classical Nylon string, Acoustic Steel string, Mellow Electric or Distorted Electric guitars.


 Solo is by far the most full-featured virtual guitar app in the market, and a must have for anyone who plays. It can be used to create new songs, strum old ones, as a guitar reference app or teaching tool to learn new chords while you’re on the go. I’ve tried playing several times over the years myself but could never get the hang of chords. Solo actually helped me a lot in this area, so I’m sure it will help others learn a few things as well. More importantly though, it allows you to play a little guitar on your phone when you can’t have the real thing with you. The trial version of Solo gives you one guitar, the full chord library along with several other options while the paid version gives you everything and is a real deal at just $3.99. You can check out Solo in the Android market or find it at Appscribe.


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