A Review of Sprinkle for Android

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Sprinkle is an awesome new water physics game from developers Mediocre. The aliens from Titan are in trouble, and you’ll need to help them save their homes from fiery asteroids. You’re in charge of a funky little water cannon, and will have to use your wits to combat the flames and save the Martians homes.


The controls in Sprinkle are very simple to use. You’re in control of a little fire truck, and you can move the boom by dragging it up and down. To rotate the nozzle simply swipe left or right on the screen, and you’ll press a little red button to squirt water at the fires. You also have a water gauge at the bottom which is a major part of things as you’ll need to make sure you have enough water to douse the flames. It’s a little more difficult that just squirting water onto some flames though; you’re going to have boulders and blocks in your way among other things.


There are 46 puzzling levels in Sprinkle, and they’re a blast to play through. Every level presents a new challenge whether it’s a block in your way or a platform you’ve got to take down, there’s plenty to do in this game. The levels are unlocked via “Water Drops” which you’ll acquire when you complete a level – the less water you use the more drops you’ll receive.  5 drops is a perfect score, and it’s definitely difficult to get on some of the later levels. The drop system also allows you to jump ahead if you get stuck on a level, as long as you have enough drops to move past it.


Overall, Sprinkle is a great new puzzle game that everyone should check out. The water physics are top-notch and very realistic, while the graphics are colorful and very easy on the eyes. I only have one complaint with Sprinkle which is… I want more levels!! Anytime a game leaves a user wanting more it’s a great thing, and Sprinkle will definitely leave you wanting more levels. Mediocre Games did a great job with Sprinkle, and put out a game that anything but mediocre. You can grab Sprinkle in the Android market for the low price of $1.49.

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