A Review of Wisp for Android

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Wisp is a new puzzle/adventure game from Triolith Entertainment. You’ll play a forest Wisp named Eira who’s lost in the dangerous woods, and trying to find her way back home. It’s a definitely a unique game, and it has a style all its own. The soundtrack got my attention pretty quickly it fits the game to a tee; they really did a nice job with the music. After playing with the Wisp Eira for a bit, here are my thoughts on the game…


The control scheme very is easy to use. You’ll hold down somewhere on the screen to make Eira rise, and let go to make her fall. You will also need to tilt your phone left and right to move her in those directions. Like I said, very easy to use; anyone should be able to play this with ease. It will get tricky though, as you’ll need to dodge the “Blood of Fáfnir” along the way. There are three elemental shrines that you’ll have to utilize as well with earth, fire & ice, and each will have a different effect on certain objects in the game. When you pass through the rock shrine, you’ll be able to break loose rock, and the fire shrine will burn down cobwebs. There will also be save points along the way; some of the levels are fairly large so they will definitely come in handy down the road.


The full version of Wisp has three worlds with 10 levels each, and 3 crystals per level. You’ll need to collect crystals to open the next world, but not to go to the next level. If you don’t have the 30 needed to get to the next world, you’ll have to go back and pick them up. There is also a setting when you first fire up the game that lets you start up in normal mode, or safe mode for users with the Nexus S, Galaxy S, or Droid X. That being said, I’m on a Galaxy S phone and had no problems running it in normal mode. There is also a button for Hi-res/Lo-res that should help out with any issues older devices may have.


I usually stick to sim or action games, but I honestly enjoyed Wisp a lot. It was a different gaming experience, and it’s very easy to pick up and play. The music really sets the tone of the game, and it’s very easy to get sucked in while you’re playing the first few levels. The lite version of Wisp serves as the prequel to the full/paid version. The paid version gives you 30 levels, and is $1.12 in the Android Market.

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