A Space Shooter for Free – Android Game Review


What’s better than an awesome Space Shooter game? How bout’ A Space Shooter for Free! The aptly named game from Frima Studios puts users in the cockpit of the USS Eradicator as they try and take down every alien in sight. Can you help Commander P. Jefferson take down the alien hordes or will you be taken out by one of the many bad-ass bosses that stand in your way.


When you first fire up A Space Shooter for Free you’re greeted with a nice series of hilarious cutscenes that gives you the lowdown on our Heroes past. I skip through these a lot of times, but not with Space Shooter for Free as they’re all very well done and have some great fully voiced characters. It also gets you into the spirit of the game from the start, so I’d definitely recommend you watch them before playing. The controls are simple and if you’ve ever played a space shooter, you’ll have no problem with controlling the USS Eradicator. As soon as the game starts you’re going to get hit with wave after wave of alien baddies, and you’re probably going to take a few shots yourself. No fear as there will be power-ups to help you out and there are two main kinds with Weapons & Support Power-ups. The weapons power-ups make your cannons and missiles more powerful for a short period of time while the support power-ups give you shields, bombs, energy and even slow down time for a bit. You’re going to need all the help you can get as A Space Shooter for Free can be challenging even on the “wussy” setting.


As mentioned, you’re going to need all the help you can get in the game and Jenna’s Space Shop is a good place to get some assistance. You can buy some very handy upgrades there like Dual Blast, Remnant magnet, and Power Bomb; there are around 40 or so upgrades and you buy them with the little blue orbs you pick up after destroying enemies and objects. You start the game out with a super-weapon called overdrive, but anytime you defeat a boss their super-weapon will be added to your arsenal as well. I really liked that feature as the bosses have some pretty slick weapons at their disposal and it was great to be able to use them yourself. A Space Shooter for free comes with 4 levels of difficulty from Wussy to Die Trying and 2 modes of play. If you dig the game (I know you will) you can unlock additional boss fights, weapons, and difficulty levels for a one-time fee of .99 cents via the in-app purchasing system. A game like this definitely needs score tracking or achievements, and you’re profile will keep track of your running stats while OpenFeint keeps track of the rest.


I’ve known about A Space Shooter for Free since its release, but just got around to actually playing it last week. Now that I’ve played it, I wish I had tried it earlier as its really a blast to play. It’s not a game for the faint of heart either, the action is going to come at you fast & furious from the time you start a level. The boss battles were a major plus as well; there are a lot of good space shooters out there but having bosses always makes a good game a little bit better. A Space Shooter for Free has plenty of content, witty dialogue, and more action than you can shake a stick at. I highly recommend the game to anyone that enjoys classic or current space shooters. A Space Shooter for Free is… well its free to download of course, and if you like it you can buy the Big Ass upgrade for the low price of .99 cents.


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