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The games for Android devices are getting better by the day, and most of the great ones have been coming out as Tegra 2 or Xperia Play exclusives. Well, the period of exclusivity just ran out on “Age of Zombies,” and now we can all play this great game. This game has two things I love… Zombies and Guns. Your put in charge of the game’s hero, the hilariously named Barry Steakfries. Barry only has one mission, and that’s to kill every zombie he see’s… with any weapon at his disposal. After killing Zombies on and off over the past few days, I thought I’d do a quick review of the awesomeness that is Age of Zombies…


On screen you’ll have dual virtual joysticks; one to move and the other to shoot. Sometimes virtual joysticks can be a bit of a pain, but these worked well on my Captivate. There is a very brief tutorial on the controls when you start, but after that you’re thrown right into the fray. The first world is a Prehistoric one, so you’ll be seeing some Zombie Cavemen & T-Rex’s thrown in. I almost made it through that world without dying, but was overwhelmed and eaten by the horde when I got trapped in a corner. If you don’t have the a good gun or grenades when the zombies get stacked up, you’re going to be in trouble.


There are two modes of play; Story mode & Survival mode. The story mode has 5 different worlds with 3 levels per world. Survival mode lets you test your skills to the limit, and brings you 8 different boards to kill on. Halfbrick Studios threw some new things in as well; you’ll get three new achievements, three survival maps, and two new weapons including the buzzsaw which was great. They also have leader boards up so you can check your Zombie killing skills against the best.


Age of Zombies is a great, non-stop shooter for your Android device. Once you pick it up, you had better have some free time on your hands because those zombies will just keep on coming. It’s not so overwhelming that you want to quit; it has just the right level of difficulty to keep you coming back for more. The graphics are cool, and the sound effects are great as well. I even enjoyed the storyline; the part at the beginning with the doctor really cracked me up. This version of Age of Zombies is optimized to run on ALL android devices with a “distinct” multi-touch screens that are running at least the 1.6 (Donut) OS. There isn’t a free version, but at a low $3.19 the paid version is well worth it. If you want to blow some Zombies away, go grab Age of Zombies in the Android Market.


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